Thursday, January 24, 2008

We've Succombed to Blogdom

After years of fighting the urge to blog, I can't control myself any longer. So we're kicking off 2008 with this site to preserve our memories and help friends and family keep track of us too!

Currently, Aaron is working at Novell in Provo while he finishes his last couple classes at UVSC. My brother just got a job in the same department as Aaron (congrats Tom!) and they are really excited to work together. Aaron loves his job but what he loves most of all is coming home and playing with his smiling son who is always happy to see him.

Finn is 5 1/2 months old now and the best baby ever. His new favorite things are rolling over (gone are the days when he stayed in one spot for longer than 5 minutes) and playing with his feet. I stay very busy being his mom!

And now for some pictures...

This is my favorite picture of Finn and I. It was taken about 3 months ago.

My favorite frowning shot.

Halloween Fun! Cousin Gemma (the flower), Finn (the duck), and uncle Neil (the pirate)

Finn playing with his Dad on Christmas Day.

I just took these a couple days ago. Lounging on his tummy is his favorite way to hang out.