Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slowly but surely

It has been 6 months since we moved into our house. I have come to realize that it will never look exactly perfect, but that's just part of owning your own home. My sister recently did a lot of painting in her house and said to me, "Maybe now when you walk into my house you won't know it was built in 1946." To which I replied, "Yeah, maybe someday when you walk into my house you won't know that we built it." Because let's face it, we basically did. The work that we put into it is SO fullfilling though...unless you've done work on your own home you won't quite understand it. There is just something so gratifying about putting time and effort into something you own and making it better. I truly feel like my quality of life has been enriched by living here.

And so, slowly but surely we are improving our home. The latest additions are a BBQ that cost 100 bucks less than it should have thanks to a sweet online deal (Finn seriously can't wait to use it and asked me to cook our ham and cheese sandwiches on it for lunch today) and this little gem that makes me happy every time I step on it:

I always knew we needed a rug for this room but have never been able to find something cheap enough that was big enough and cute enough. Enter this little baby that I found online from a local dealer. It's real flokati wool and only cost 99 dollars! These kind of rugs get better with time because the more the fibres break apart the softer it gets AND I can wash it in my washing machine! I love the texture it adds to the room and I seriously change my course through the house sometimes so I can step on it. Here's what the living room looked like without it:

Still to do in this room are: hanging that mirror (yes, it's been sitting against the wall for several months), family pics on the walls, and a couple end tables and lamps. But we're getting there!

Something else coming slowly but surely? Kate's hair. She definitely has more than Finn had at this age (hallelujah), but it is still really thin. I was so happy the other day when I realized it was legitimately long enough for pig taills!

And these two little kiddos are both growing up slowly but surely. But it is still too fast for me.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The best surprise ever

Yes! I am pregnant! The actual pregnancy was planned though...the surprise came a little later.

We had been trying for a while and on New Year's Eve, it became evident that once again, I wasn't pregnant. I was surprisingly really sad about it and was just kind of depressed for a few days. At the beginning of February though, a home pregnancy test came back positive and we were elated. I made my first doctor's appointment for March 9th which put me at about 9-10 weeks pregnant.

My doctor always does an ultrasound at the first appointment which I love. It just makes everything seem real. During the ultrasound, the tech said, "when did you say your last period was again?" After I told her, she said, "well, I'm measuring your baby at over 13 whatever that was it wasn't a period. Congrats on by-passing your first trimester!"

Seriously?! I was totally shocked. Aaron pointed out how ironic it was that I was actually pregnant when I was so depressed about not being pregnant. I thought I had a solid three weeks left of my first trimester and I am already in my second!

So now the baby is due September 12th instead of October 5th. And that is the best surprise ever.