Saturday, April 25, 2009

Let's Go Fly a Kite

A couple weeks ago, Aaron thought it would be really fun to get a kite to fly with Finn. I had to go to Wal-Mart for a few things, so he asked me to get a kite and made me promise not to get the cheapest one (so that it would definitely fly).

They had some crappy looking kites for $3.50, some nicer ones for $8 and some really cool looking ones for $10. Normally, I would go with the cheapest or middle option, but I saw a sweet ten dollar one shaped like an airplane and knew that Aaron would be proud if I got it, so I did.

Long story short -- it nose dived every time and is now a piece of decor in Finn's room.

So, we ended up getting a $3.50 one and it flies great! It is super easy to get in the air and Finn can even fly it by himself. Note to self: just because it is more expensive does NOT mean it is better! That is the last time I will get suckered by the kite makers of the world.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pat Sajack Strikes Again

Some of you may recall this post where I talked about how much Finn LOVES "Wheel of Fortune." He pretty much loves all game shows, but Wheel is definitely his favorite.

Well I guess all that Wheel watching has paid off because about a month ago Aaron and I discovered that Finn knows his alphabet! Yes, he knows the entire alphabet. He has always been curious about letters and when he points to one, we tell him what it is, but we never really thought he was absorbing anything. Now he can point to any letter (with the exception of W that still gives him a little trouble) and exclaim its name with confidence.

We just got an alphabet book from the library and I took a video of Aaron reading it to him. The video is pretty long, but it showcases what a little smarty pants he is! Aaron and I can't take credit for this at all, it just must be something Finn is interested in. Our thanks goes out to Pat Sajack for instilling in our little guy the love of letters. Thanks Pat!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter with Finn

Holidays with kids are SO much more fun! Aaron and I loved coloring eggs with Finn this year:

He also got really into the egg hunt and loved putting them in his basket:

Once he realized there was candy in some, it was hard for us to get him to keep looking for the rest!

After his face was covered in chocolate, it was time for a bath. He lined all his toys up on the tub and was so proud of himself that I had to get a picture:

Then it was time to put on his new pajamas from Nana Lana. He had such a fun day!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The incident...

Only a few seconds after this...

and this...

came this...
I was trying to have a fun picture-taking moment with Finn. He loves to hold the camera so I was trying to show him how to take a picture. I was only showing him what button to push, but he got mad that I was honing in on his camera holding time and proceeded to chuck the camera at me at point-blank range. I now have a cut forehead and black eye as a souvenir. It hurt SO BAD and I yelled out in pain...and then he got really sad once he saw that I was hurt and I felt really bad for getting so angry. After I tended to my wounds we had a nice little talk about throwing's hopin' he retains that lesson!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Blast from the Past

One of our many engagement shots that didn't make the cut

Thanks to my crazy pregnancy nesting issues, Aaron and I have been doing some Spring cleaning. All clutter annoys me lately and I feel an overwhelming urge to make our house 100% ready for this next baby. We finally went through boxes of old stuff that desperately needed some attention and got rid of a TON of junk. And of course, what sorting of old crap would be complete without a trip down memory lane. Here are some pictures that a few of our old friends may get a kick out of...

Aaron and Dan H. riding horses back in the day
Mikey and Matt packing heat

Aaron and Dan P. on yet another trip to the mud caves

Tyson making out with a clown after pimping out the garage that
Aaron lived in. Aaron thinks that is Dan Henry's hand in the lower-left corner...aah teenage boys.

Matt doing the "Ore Truck"
Aaron and Zane in The Brittany...what is it with guys and their nipples?!

You can hardly tell...but that's Tony Danza! I snapped this pic of him in NYC.

One of the greatest gals ever...Jenn Thomson and I at EFY.

Aaron and I after a month of dating...with some licorice.

Me and my freshman room mate Katy...what a gal.

Magic Mountain with the Art Glass crew...Andrea, Jenn and Cam. I'm wearing my favorite of the many pairs that I have stepped on and broken over the years.
Yeah...that's me.