Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This doesn't help my case...

As most of you know, Aaron is an animal lover...yes, ALL animals. We have been down the pet road twice before. Once with a golden lab named Sammie who was just too big for our tiny place. Plus, we were both working and in school so she didn't get enough attention. Now she lives with Aaron's mom and gets lots of love from his younger siblings.

Next we had Kevin (best pet name EVER because it is so human-sounding :) our siamese cat that we rescued from PetSmart. Kevin was a feisty fellow, and was Aaron's bro till the end when he died of kidney failure. His ailment sounds kind of funny when you say it out loud, but it was pretty sad for both of us. He was only a couple years old. Since then, Aaron doesn't let a month go by without asking for another pet. I really like animals...but I've decided to put my foot down and will not get another one until we live in a house with a yard. I do not want to clean up pet hair/pet smell in such a tiny place on the THIRD floor. Well, a few days ago, this happened: (Just ignore me in the video, I am briefing the babysitter)

An unusually nice stray cat (we're sure it just wondered away from home for a while because it was well-groomed) followed our babysitter for the night into our house. To say Finn loved it is an understatement. After we finally put the cat out, Aaron looked at me with big eyes and said, "See Ash? Finn just NEEDS a pet so bad. Look how happy it makes him!" Oh man, I should have known it would only be a matter of time before our son's potential bliss supported Aaron's argument.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finn Busts a Move

Notice how every time I change the noise I make, he changes his movement accordingly. I also love how he dances in spite of himself at the end when he's really just interested in the camera.

Spacey Pregnancyness

So I guess it's not enough that you get fat, barf a lot, get cankles and feel exhausted when you're pregnant, but lots of your brain cells have to magically dissapear as well. Grrrreat.

I like to think of myself as a responsible person. I am not a flake (well, most of the time, we all have our moments, right?) When I say I'm going to do something, I follow through. I am organized...I schedule stuff. Well, all that has gone out the window the past few weeks thanks to pregnancy aka The Infamous Brain Cell Bandit.

Spacey Incident #1:
Since we don't have money to buy a lot of books, I go to the library once every couple weeks to stock up on stories for Finn. I usually get 10-15 books at a time. I am pretty manic about returning books/movies on time since I think late charges are the biggest waste of money in the universe. Well wouldn't you know that I completely spaced the due date for a batch of Finn's books resulting in a $10 late charge! The charge is only 10 cents a day/per book...but when you get out as many books as I do, that adds up fast. Ouch. Oh yeah, and I just found one of the books I thought I returned a couple weeks ago under the couch. Tack on an extra few bucks to my tab Mrs. Librarian.

The guilty culprit...I could probably buy this book for less than I will be paying in late

Spacey Incident #2:
This past Monday was just one of those days...need I say more? I had a dentist appointment (ouch), had to put Finn down for a nap at my sisters which he randomly decided to boycott (arg) yadda yadda yadda. I had just finished cleaning everything up after Finn pooped in the tub AGAIN when the doorbell rang. I opened the door to a bunch of girls from our Singles Ward and it hit me: WE were hosting FHE for the kids in our ward that night (yes, I call them kids, even though some of them are older than me :) Once a month, we make dinner for the singles and host FHE. Aaron and I had just talked about it the day before but we both totally forgot. Again...NOT like me. Our house was a total disaster and I had nothing to feed the 15 people that started streaming into my house. So, we cleaned up quickly and ordered pizza. Everything ended up working out totally fine...but it took me a while to get over the shock of it all :)

After pizza and the lesson, the kids took a few swings at some pinatas they made. Aaron's scarf served as the blind fold and a vaccuum attachment served as the whacking stick. All in all a pretty successful evening.

I'm sure there are many more spacey incidents to stay tuned....oy.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Crowns and Backpacks

Prince Finn delighting the masses with his drumming talent while seated on his famed Ikea throne.

Aaron and I decided to start doing the Nursery lessons for family home evening every week. Since Finn comes to the singles ward with us and doesn't get to go to nursery, we decided it was time for some age-appropriate gospel learning in his life.

Last Monday's lesson taught that we are all children of God. Part of the lesson emphasizes that Heavenly Father is the king of heaven and earth and suggests making crowns for the children to color and wear that say "I am a child of God." I knew Finn would be more into it if Aaron and I wore them too, so I made one for all of us! He loves his crown and still wears it around the house from time to time. I'm sure most of the lesson went over his head, but some parts he got really the songs we sang and the part where we pointed to all the people on our picture board one-by-one (if you sent us a Christmas card, this includes you) and said they each are children of God. It was so fun!

The royal family

Later that evening, Finn caught sight of Aaron's backpack and wanted to try it on. It still dragged on the ground after we tightened the straps as much as we could, but he loved it! I love how pround of himself he is in the video, clasping his hands and eventually doing a little victory jig.