Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If our current life were a movie...

It would be this one:

OK, so our house is definitely not that bad and we had some pretty major plans from the beginning. BUT, we both never knew it would take this long or be this much work. Here is a list of SOME of the things we have done to our new home in the past 6 weeks:

- ripped up all the carpet and pulled out all the floor staples
- sanded and refinished the upstairs hardwood floor
- painted the living room 1 1/2 times (began with wrong color so started over)
- painted the office
- painted the kids' room
- completely re-did the electrical which includes switching the fuse box for a circuit breaker box and re-wiring every light switch and outlet and replacing every fixture in the entire house...inhale now
- ripped down wood paneling and dry wall, found mold!
- found where mold stops and rejoiced that it doesn't go upstairs
- completely bleached the entire basement
- sledge hammered two walls, framed several new ones
- replaced several pipes, planned and installed plumbing for the new bathroom

I know there is more than that but my tired brain can't remember much right now.

We have moved out of Dan and Bobbi's house -- not a moment too soon since Bobbi is in labor with her second baby tonight -- and into Megan's (which is just two blocks away from our new house)so that we can get more work done. We have received a ton of help (thank you!) but what we really need is a crew of guys working with Aaron all the time...which is just unrealistic. I try to go over there with him as much as I can, even when I can't really help just to lend moral support and hold a flash light.

We are trying to keep our spirits up. We LOVE the character of the home. We LOVE the back yard of the home. We LOVE the location of the home. And soon we will love the inside of the home too. We really are turning it into a brand new house inside...except the kitchen -- that will be next year's project!

This whole experience has just reminded me of what a hard worker I married. And what supportive family I have.

Pictures coming soon I promise. For now just know that we're working real hard and you are all invited to our house warming party in a month! Okay maybe two.