Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Walker Texas Ranger

Alright, it's true he's no Chuck Norris, but Finn has become a walker...of sorts. He took his first steps a few days ago and last night took 9 steps on his own! Aaron and I got so excited since most of his friends are already running around. Plus, I really want him to walk in time for Halloween so I can take him Trick or Treating fo' real. The down side is, he doesn't seem very interested in turning the novelty into a full-time mode of transportation. He won't perform for the camera and most of the time just lets his legs go limp when we try to make him do it...ARG! He is still very fast at cruising around the furniture and has started to stand up in the middle of the room unaided but pretty much has no interest in walking whatsoever. And yet, the 9-step incident has given me hope...a hope inspired by the holes appearing in the knees of all his pants. Let's just say his wardrobe will be a very big beneficiary once he truly becomes a bi-ped.

This is the closest thing we have to video of Finn walking on his own. He is using a toy that I borrowed from my neighbor which he LOVED. He walked up and down the sidewalk for the entire day. Okay, it was only about 30 minutes but since watching him push a walker was the only form of entertainment available, time sort of stood still.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Weekend

My parents came to town for General Conference this weekend and we had such a great time!

My sisters and I went to the Saturday morning session and hung out in Salt Lake all day kid-free. Then the boys brought the kiddies and traded off while they went to the Priesthood session with my Dad...followed by the traditional dinner at Outback.

Then Sunday morning, Megan watched Finn while Aaron and I went to the morning session with the 'rents and my brother Dustin. It was pouring when we went in, but when we came out the sun was shining and it turned into a perfect Fall day!

Fear Conquered

Finn used to freak out and cry every time we put sunglasses on him.

I think it's safe to say that fear is conquered.

PS: No, Aaron does not have a 'fro...he is standing in front of a tree.