Thursday, May 13, 2010

In 6 Days...

...God created the world...and turned my world upside-down.

Monday -- decide we definitely want to move and list our condo for rent
Tuesday -- get the call that we are approved to move into the townhome we want to rent, show the condo to a prospective renter who decides she loves it and wants to move in the following week!
Wednesday -- find out there is a house for sale 2 blocks from my sister, go to 'just take a look' and love it! Start packing
Thursday -- go back to look at the house...still like it. Should we move there? Stress out. Pack pack pack.
Friday -- paaaaaaaaaaack. Streeeeessss. Still not sure if we're going to move into the town home or try to buy the house. Finally decide on the house.
Saturday -- Move out! Most of our furniture and boxes in Tom's garage, rest of our stuff at Dan's house where we are living until we close on the house in June!

Since I am living out of boxes anyway, I decided to come home to Canada with my sister for a couple weeks. My mom cooks for me. My Dad reads to my kids. Life is good.