Monday, October 19, 2009

They're buds

Move Over Michaelangelo

We got Finn a 'magnadoodle' for Christmas last year. It seriously is the best 6 dollars we ever spent on him. He plays with it ALL THE TIME and will just sit quietly and draw for several minutes (like 10-20) at a time.

He is always drawing something new and lots of the time it is just scribbles, but a lot of the time it is something recognizable too! Example: the other day he pointed to the picture he drew and said, "Hey mom! Cup!" and it was totally a 3-dimensional cup! Prrrretty sure he learned it from Blue's Clues...but still impressive that he could replicate it all on his own. Here's some pictures that he drew on his own that I was able to get snapshots of before he erased them:

The big guy is Daddy, the little one on the right is Kate, and the one on the left is, well, undecided. Pretty good for a 2-year-old I think!

He is really into cars lately and loves to draw them. Not exactly the sleekest model, but at least the wheels are in the right place!

He can draw several shapes on his own as well as some letters and numbers. He loves to draw members of his family (including uncles, aunts, grandparents and cousins) and all sorts of animals. I know his drawings are probably only impressive to me because I'm his mom, but he just amazes me!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kate's Blessing

We were so lucky to have so much family here for Kate's baby blessing last weekend. My sister had her baby boy blessed the same day and my nephew was baptised the day before so it was a little hectic, but mostly just really great. We blessed Kate in the singles ward where Aaron is serving...which was obviously out of the ordinary, but it just made it even more special for us. Aaron gave her a beautiful blessing. Kate was grumpy in the morning, but was really good when it counted during church and afterwards at the family dinner. She is three months old now and is cooing and smiling a lot. We are so grateful for all the family and friends that came to support Kate on her special day.
LOVE this picture.
Jaxson is saying "Cheese!" like his life depends on it, and Finn is looking at him like he is crazy.
Most of Aaron's side of the fam that came for the blessing.
Kate and McCoy...cousins blessed on the same day!
Megan, Stacie (McKenna), Mom (Kate), Me, Andrea