Saturday, February 26, 2011


Kate is a VERY messy eater. I'm sure most kids her age are, but she usually one-ups them by tipping over her bowl or plate at EVERY meal time and scattering/smearing the contents on the table. We're working on this.


A couple of months ago I caught Kate in this get-up. It's my sports bra, toque and part of a Wii controller. Kate LOVES to dress up. Finn didn't start liking dress-ups till he was 3, but Kate already brings me her Snow White costume at any/all times of day to put on. She is also constantly wearing my, Aaron and Finn's shoes around the house.

Kate has started squinting her eyes at me when she is trying to talk nicely and be cute. I realized this is because I usually squint my eyes at her when I am telling her how cute she is. She also can't say 'cheese' for the camera without squinting, as evidenced in the above picture.


Kate's favorite part of the backyard by far is our little slide. She shouts 'sliiiiide!!!' as soon as the gate opens and makes a bee-line for it. Pretty impressive that she can climb up the ladder in all her winter gear.


Kate's favorite words right now:

SHOW (I know, bad mom.) She always get's sooooo excited when I turn a show on and exclaims 'shoooooowwww!' several times on her way to her seat
OWIE (hmmm, maybe I shouldn't be sharing these.) Unfortunately, Kate's first real word was 'ow'. Finn's was 'balloon'...much sweeter.
NO (uuhhh, are these getting worse?) Kate does not say yes or yeah. She says no. To everything. She is just barely starting to say 'kay' in response to a question that ends in 'okay?'. But if you ask her if she wants something, she says no, even if she wants it desperately. It's a very polite no, almost like a question, like this "no?" so right now we don't really mind.
PLEASE (ok, I'm just putting this one in to counter the other ones) But she signs please ALL THE TIME. Girl knows how to get what she wants.
HAPPY Not sure if she actually knows the true meaning of this word, but we like to think she does. She goes around the house saying it over and over and over again. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

We love this little gal. She is so loving and a total snuggler. She worships Finn and is just growing up so fast!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


He had been quiet for a while and when I checked on him I found this. He said he was pretending to be a girl. Awesome.


Finn and I were singing the primary song, "I know the scriptures are true" and completely on his own, without ever hearing his dad or other kids do this, he changed the words to: 'the spirit will guide, and deep inside, I know the scriptures are poo!" He was so proud of himself for thinking of a different word that rhymed with true, I don't even think he was trying to be rude. I cracked up, but made sure to tell him that things like that are funny once, and ONLY once...since he likes to reprise anything that gets a laugh. So far so good.


While on the potty word topic, I will say that his latest tactic is to spout off some potty words and then say, "it's okay mom, I was talking about the LETTER, P (substitute 'the FOOD Pea, here as well)


Finn was asked to give a talk in Primary. When I asked him about it, he said, "Yeah. Is my talk going to be in Sacrament Meeting or Primary?" I thought it was so cute that he would have been totally fine with either.


In Provo and Orem, we are surrounded by mountains. While driving in the car, Finn looked out the window and said, "Hey Mom, can we climb up that mountain really quick?" He said it as if all I needed to do was pull over and we could take a quick 5 minute hike.


Over the Christmas holidays, Finn loved singing Christmas carols. One day I heard him sing (accidentally), "Joy to the World! The Lord is gone!". Hmmm...kind of changes the meaning of Christmas just a bit.