Monday, August 13, 2012


These first Kate-isms come from when Kate was just a little over two years old:
Aaron was playing with Kate by pretending to eat her. She laughed a couple times then stopped and said, “Hey! I’m not lunch!”
Taking a cue from her cousins, Kate liked to play 'little person' by pulling her shirt over her legs and walking around. While she did this she sang “I’m a midgen! I'm a midgen!” (midget)
Kate loved to take her water bottle to bed and when getting tucked in always asked, "where's my wai-ya bai-yo?”

I thought she looked so cute this day eating her yogurt with her crown on.

Kate LOVES dress-ups. She got so excited when she found new dress-ups at her cousin's house.
Kate went through a phase of loving to "lead" while I sang.
Another phase involved her grabbing my hands and saying, "let's marry ourselves!" which meant we danced around in a circle for a minute.
When I took her for bathroom breaks at church, she immediately sensed the acoustics in the bathroom and always sang at the top of her lungs while in the stall. Usually it was the entire theme song from "Jake and the Neverland Pirates."
Once we were playing "Hi-Ho Cherry-O" and when Kate won she exclaimed, "Honey Nut Cheerios!"
Kate LOVES her baby brother Rex.  Whenever he cries, she rushes to him right away and sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and 9 times out of 10 it actually works!

I said she likes dress-ups...right?  She is specifically modelling her earings for me in this shot.

And these are a little more recent:
Kate LOVES nursery, and always asks if it’s time to go there after every discernable pause in sacrament meeting. I feel so bad when she gets excited after the opening song and I know she still has such a long way to go.
Everyone comments on Kate's 'little' voice. It is so high-pitched, scratchy and cute. When she started speaking, she learned very quickly and has always been quite the little conversationalist. She is super friendly and talks to anyone and everyone. Her latest exchange with a library employee is an example of a typical conversation with a stranger (when Aaron or I are present of course):
Kate: Hi! I'm Kate! What's your name?
Employee: My name's Darren.
Kate: Oh! Where's your sister? (meaning the other employee that does story time)
Employee: My sister? Well, she lives in Michigan. (meaning his actual sister of course)
Kate: Oh! ... My mom calls me Snugglebug.
Kate has always been very expressive. She was trying to look tough for Tom while showing him her pirate tatoo.

Kate loves to sit in Rex's infant car seat.  One late night at Megan's, I found her like this in front of the TV. Made putting her in the car super easy!

Darth Kate.   I love how it looks like she is trying to use the force to squish our heads.
Kate loves the part at the end of "Gnomeo and Juliette" where a gnome pops out of a pile of rubble and says, "It's OK! I'm OK!" and if she is reminded of it, she says that phrase like a broken record

Kate CAN NOT get enough ranch dressing and would eat it with every meal if we let her. Seriously. The other day she asked me for ranch for her fries. I said yes.

Kate can often be heard exclaiming, "What the?!"
It's so nice when your kids exchange compliments with you. That happened just a few days ago after dinner:
Me: Hey, great job eating your dinner Kate! You did such a good job!
Kate: Yeah! Thanks! Sometimes I call you stupid.
It is not uncommon for Kate to roll around for an hour+ before she falls asleep at night. One night Aaron went to check on her, again: Aaron: You still awake sweetie?
Kate: Yeah, my barbies are snuggling...Tiana's naked.
Yep, she was naked all right. Just her. I guess that's better than all of them.