Thursday, September 11, 2008

Two Great Weekends

I totally dropped the ball and did not get ANY good pictures of our trip to California this past weekend. Wow, I'm really sad about it.

Matt and Jess blessed their little girl Brooklyn so Aaron, Finn and I made the trip to Corona to attend. We were only there for 2 there are some family and friends from So Cal that we didn't get to see :( but we were so glad to spend time with those of you we were lucky enough to hang out with!

Then on Thursday, we got to go to Park City for the night...for free! Aaron's department at Novell treated all the employees and their wives to a really nice dinner, a hotel stay and a $100 gift card to spend at the outlet mall! Finn got to spend another night with his Grammy and Aaron and I had a fantastic time. The rooms were GIGANTIC with a full-on kitchen, fireplace, ginormous jetted tub etc. etc. etc. Here are a few pics I snapped with my camera phone:

What a fantastic way to close out the summer!

PS: Finn chucked our camera off of the loft yesterday and it is totally I guess I'll have to rely on my camera phone for now until we can afford a new one!


Me plus 3 Hecks said...

I like your new background! And what?! Tom called me, asking about Alpine slides, and I suddenly realized how awesome it must be to work at Novell! :) SWEET!

The Parks Family said...

I want to try out that huge bathtub!!!

Davis and Quinton said...

I knew Finn was trouble, breaking things...geez. How fun that you got to go on 2 trips!!! Wish we could have eaten In-N-Out together, but i love Park City and Shopping!

Parks' Place said...

Hey Ashley! Aaron's job really has some nice perks! I would love to relax in that jet tub!

Jobi Niu said...

UM... that hotel room is STUNNING!! I'm so jealous. LUCKY.

Finn the lil' stinker!! THat is SO somethin' Bryton would do.