Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun!

A while ago my playgroup had a Halloween get together...basically as an excuse to dress the kids up an extra time before Halloween. We were so surprised that all the little ones stayed still long enough to take this picture! The best part is, they have no idea that they are wearing anything out of the ordinary.

Left-Right: Finn, Khloie, Grant, Emmy, Ayden

Halloween finally arrived and we had so much fun! Finn became a bumble bee once again and I took him to Novell to trick-or-treat around Aaron's office. This was the first day that he wanted to walk everywhere instead of being was so fun!

Aaron, Finn, and a creepy statue

His first sucker...he loved it so much! Here's what I didn't love: having to pry the sucker out of his sticky hands and wipe up his drooly chin before strapping him into his carseat...oy.

After dinner, we took him to Megan's house to get some pics with his cousins and go trick-or-treating in a real neighborhood (as opposed to condo land where we live.)

Left-Right: Milo (Aniken Skywalker), Finn (bee), Gemma (fairy), Sawyer (Luke Skywalker)

Gemma and Finn after a long day of pixie-dusting and pollinating

Finn was so cute as he walked from house to house carrying his little pumpkin. I'm pretty sure he was clueless as to what was actually going on, but at least he had fun!

You may not even be able to see Finn in this video because it is so dark, but I think it is adorable. Megan took the video...see if you can tell the difference between our voices!

After a warm bath to wash off all the candy residue, Finn went to bed and Aaron and I played games with our neighbors and watched Disney's Ichabod Crane (my version of a scary Halloween movie :) ...what a great day!


Me plus 3 Hecks said...

adorable, as always. What a cute, chubby bee! It made me kind of sad that I didn't stay in Orem. And then I think of how my kids were candy-crashed by 6pm and well, the pics and vids are adorable! :)

Me plus 3 Hecks said...

And wah! Finn is growing up! He looks like such a little man now that he's walking! SO cute--and strange to see him movin' along the trick-or-treatin' route all on his own! (side note: was that wierd couple dancing and smooching in their window again?! yikes)

Kathleen said...

Loved the pictures - your stories made me smile! Sad video with Finn all caught up with the balls...
Your voice(s) always sound like you've been sucking helium when I replay the videos. Couldn't tell the difference between you and Megan except for the "dude."
We started watching "Rear Window" (my Halloween gift to myself since I didn't have to buy any candy and it is just out on DVD). Still haven't finished it - we keep falling asleep! Maybe tonight.
Congrats to Finn and his walking!

Meghan said...

Finn and Matt had the same costume!!

Jobi Niu said...

I love the pictures! I'm so sad I couldn't make it to the play group. MY Enrichment thing turned out great!

Bailey said...

I love his bee costume! He is so funny!

Lisa Johnson said...

Finn is ADORABLE and I am so sad I wasn't there to have Autumn be a part of the Prosper Babies picture! :D It sounds like y'all had a blast. I miss y'all so much!