Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dancing Machine

Even before he learned to crawl, Finn has always LOVED to dance to music. He dances to the music his toys make, he dances to commercials on TV, he dances when I sing to him. Usually when asked to perform, however, he gets really embarrassed and hides his face. Here is a quick video of him dancing to "Santa Baby" while we decorated the tree. We weren't even watching him...Aaron just noticed he was doing it and caught the tail end on camera. I will try to post more videos of his moves as I capture them!


Jobi Niu said...

ha ha ha how cute! ya can't help dancin when you listen to that song huh?

ec said...

so cute.

and i love his hair!

jenny b. said...

so cute! he has quite the movies for such a little man. and i love your tree... homemade ornaments make the tree so much more memorable.

Kathleen said...

I only wish the video of the little dancing man was LONGER! Guess I'll have to go ahead and watch the slide video AGAIN. :)