Friday, May 15, 2009

Recipe Revival

Let me preface this post by saying I am NOT crafty. Occasionally I masquerade as one who crafts, but the facade usually crumbles once you take a close look at the quality of my work. I have a hard time being creative and just don't have a lot of patience/skill.

Taking my non-craftiness into account, I am pretty proud of the recipe book I just made for myself. My recipe box has always been a disaster -- it's full of scribbled notes on all kinds of paper, printouts, smudged recipe cards etc. etc. etc.

I found an old photo album that I've had since my wedding and decided to transfer all my recipes into it. First of all, the title makes me happy:
The 4x6 slots are great because they are big enough for a 4x6 recipe card (lower-right slot below) OR to fold a regular piece of paper in (upper-right slot below.) And of course 3x5 cards slide in nicely too!

I made tabs out of some old dividers I had from school and attached them with scrapbook adhesive for quick-flip referencing.
I also have a lot of recipes on double-sided 81/2 x 11 know, hand-outs from relief society activities and things like that. So I just slid those into page protecters and clipped them into the binder in the appropriate place. Originally, I was planning on copying them onto 3x5 cards so everything would be uniform...but as I said...I just don't have a lot of page protectors did the trick!

Now I can see 8 recipes at a time and they are all organized! I will never rummage through my crappy recipe box again. I know it looks pretty ghetto, but coming from a non-crafter, I gotta say I am pretty pleased.


What the Hecklinger?! said...

I love it! Way to be inspiring! I want to tackle my recipe box right now! ... Or tomorrow!

Kathleen said...

Yum! I saw the recipe for Old Faithful and realized that I haven't made it for a REALLY long time.. . Kudos to you for getting organized, and I'm afraid you inherited your non-craftiness, zero patience from me. But I think you did a really great job on the binder - Hooray for being organized!

Ailyn said...

You gave me an idea. I never thought about putting the index cards into photo album so everything can be in one binder. Thanks Ashley!!

Bailey said...

It looks like you have a ton of recipes! Wanna share some?

tara said...

from another super-non crafter--you're my hero!

Parks' Place said...

Great idea Ash! It inspires me to get more organized with my recipes- one of those things that I will keep putting off!

Jess and Matt said...

OOoo! Best idea ever! It looks great! Could this be attributed to some early nesting maybe?? =)