Monday, February 22, 2010

Schmorgesborg of February Delights

Hello. It's been a while. Here is a glimpse into what we've been up to the past month.

Kate started army crawling a few weeks ago!

While at Megan's house, I went to go check on Gemma and Finn in the toy room. The door bumped something when I opened it...that something was this: We've been making lots of cookies, rolls and banana bread. And Finn always gets to lick the beaters. He figured out a funny sound mid-beater that entertained his sister:

My whole fam came to Utah for my cousin's wedding. The night before the nuptuals, the ladies got a night out at The Melting Pot! Super yummy...and even yummier because Brittany surprised us by picking up the check!

At the reception, my Uncle Mark sang one of his trademark change-the-lyrics-of-a-well-known-song-to-embarrass-the-bride-and-groom ditties. This one was to "The Lion Sleeps tonight" When he got to the mic, he called up my sisters, cousin and I spur of the moment to back him up with the 'a-wheem-a-ways'. Oh boy that was awkward...but it just wouldn't have been a Harker wedding without it.

All the sibs and I at a family dinner that weekend...Megan LOOOVES to throw in her robot pose at the last minute:
Aaron gave Finn a hair cut! Some day I will mom-up and take that job over...maybe. Here's a couple shots of him with his new 'do. In the second picture, he is holdng the mail box he made for the Valentine's Party we went to...which he decorated all by himself.

We went to "Pirate Island Pizza" with Aaron's brother and fam. Finn had a great time playing all the games with his dad. Especially basketball:

And most recently we've been watching the Olympics!!! I cheer for team USA...except when they're playing Canada :)


The Parks Family said...

Haha, love the basketball movie, Jaxson asks everyday when we are going back to that place with Finn!

tara said...

oh the pitfalls of home movie making. glad you made it out of that one alive! finn is adorable and that kate is the cutest thing ever.

ps i love that dress you're wearing at the wedding. um...i want one

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Exciting with the army crawl! I love hearing what she is doing now so I know what to be expecting next month! :)

Courtney said...

I have to say, at first I read it "Finn gave Aaron a haircut!" and I was super worried. Good thing it was the other way around!

Rob and Marseille said...

for her health problems at birth, kate isn't behind at all...michael doesn't crawl (or move...well...sometimes backwards) yet. He only wants to sit.