Thursday, October 14, 2010

Welcome Home, Parks Family, Welcome Home

Is this real?

Am I finally in MY house?
Sleeping in MY bed?
Typing on MY computer? Quite honestly the ol' gal was in storage so long I thought she might not have the heart to start up. But she proved me wrong, and has already randomly rebooted a few times just to show me how much she missed me. Tender.

Since I can't possibly begin to document all the blog-worthy happenings of the past 5.5 months (yes, it has really been that long since we moved out of the condo) I will do my best to sum up a few of the really major things.

MAY: I drove 20 hours to visit my parents in Canada with my sister Andrea and 5 kids total. A little crazy? Maybe. Worth it? Definitely.
Best Grandpa Ever
Best Grandma Ever
Boys playing outside The Milky Way icecream stand
Kate and McCoy's new jammies
Finn freezing but still lovin' the wading pool

JUNE: Jaxson got a sand box (seriously huge event as far as Finn was concerned) and Kate turned ONE!

Uh, yes, waiter? I think I might like one more piece of cake

Also, I took this picture on Father's Day and I really love it. It says so much about what a great dad Aaron is and how much Kate loves him:
JULY: Thomas reunion, Lagoon with all the Harkers and the Fourth. Food was eaten, rides were ridden, and fireworks were blown sky-high.

AUGUST: Moved out of Dan and Bobbi's and in to the Valentine's. Finally got walls in our basement. Kate started WALKING! Finn turned THREE!
Aaron was so happy to finally have walls up in the basement!

The fam at Finn's Chuck E Cheese birthday party

We scored this used power wheels for $50! Oh how wonderful it is to have a backyard and actually be able to have toys like this.
SEPTEMBER: We celebrated our 7-year anniversary and went on the vacation that we have been waiting for all year ! This trip merits its own post which will come soon. And, oh yeah, we MOVED INTO OUR HOUSE! The house will also have it's own post. But for now, here is one picture from our trip and pictures of one room in our house.

On the second deck of the beach house on our anniversary. That flower was one of many Aaron gave me that morning.

Our living room! The floor used to be cat-barf carpet, we sanded and refinished it black. Walls used to be peach, we painted them ivy green and grey. We still need a rug, curtains and stuff on the walls...most of which we have, it just isn't put up yet.

We still have lots of stuff to put away and LOTS of projects to finish (note the stripe of white on the living room wall) That used to be wood panelling...painted the room green before the wall was fixed. It is one of about 30 things that need to be done to make our house look normal but at least it is liveable and we are LOVING it.
Tonight Aaron was playing wildly with the kids and remarked how great it is that we can be as loud as we want and we don't have to worry about downstairs neighbors. It's just great to be home.


AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

HOOOOOORRRRRAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY! Your house looks so cute! And it's embarrassing that I haven't seen the finished product in person. How about this? Maybe I swing by and watch the kiddos on Monday so you can get some stuff done? Mull it over. LOVE the green walls. LOVE the fireworks picture and the one of Aarond and Kate--so great! Nice to see you posting again. :)

Katie said...

Can't wait to see more pictures! Congrats on moving in!

Courtney said...

I love that green on your walls! And those are great chairs! I can't wait to see more pictures.

Micah said...

Happy you guys are finally in! What a relief!

Adespain said...

AHH! SO exciting!!! You must be LOVING your yard! And I love your living room. So bold.


Tom said...

I love this caption and picture: "Uh, yes, waiter? I think I might like one more piece of cake"