Monday, January 24, 2011

Where We Live

So this post is only about 6 months overdue, whatevs. I have been meaning to post pictures of our new house, but have been waiting until more renovations are done and more pictures are on the walls etc. Well I've realized that our home is pretty much going to be a constant work in progress so I might as well show you the 'befores' and 'afters' now...and I will post more pics as we get more done. All these before pictures were actually taken after we started demolition, so you can't quite appreciate what the house looked like before...but at least you can see what a wreck it was in the middle!

Living Room: (This is after we ripped the carpet out)

Office/Guest Room:

Kitchen...One of two rooms left untouched:

Bathroom: (other untouched room)
Finn and Kate's Room:

View Down the Stairs:

Basement: These pictures don't match up, but you can still get a feel for what we changed. I didn't take pictures of our master bathroom which has a tub, primed walls, and plumbing done, but will be finished in a few months.

Part of previous store room, now our Master Bathroom is built here:
Looking from current master bath area, through a wall we knocked down into the master bedroom: (That door is to an extra closet that we knocked down later)
Here's what the master bedroom looks like now. The master bath is to my left.Our Backyard! Looks a lot better in the late summer when all my grape vines are grown in!
We still have a lot to do (baseboards in the basement, pictures on the walls, plants all around etc etc etc) but seriously, I can't believe how much the place has changed. We love it here.


Lindy Yam said...

So So So happy for you. Good work on everything, the place looks so great! And so spacious! I bet you guys are loving it. Congrats!!!

Courtney said...

That looks so awesome! Way to go! I bet it feel so nice to have so much work done and to get settled in your own place. Nice work!

Garn said...

Wow! Nice work. Is your labor legal and documented? If so send him our way.

tara said...

Wow. Can I be you? Or at least hire you to help me someday when or if I ever own one of those myself? Ps Finn might be a.mazing
You might rule...I'm just sayin

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Ash! You have done such an awesome job on your house! It was already so cute and you really turned it into something so great! Love that living room and those sweeeeeet chairs especially! Yay Parks!

The Roy Family said...

The house looks awesome! So glad it's coming together. Glad you had a great holiday season! It was so great to see you guys a few months ago. Take care!

JoSue said...

Wow looks AWESOME!!!!! So inspiring to do some fix up around our own house. Your backyard is pretty much amazing too. And hello...basements are just the best. Can't beat em. The water table is too high in Texas for them. Boo.

Congrats on finishing the renovations. You guys did great!

ec said...

ash! it looks so great! i'm really impressed.

we just bought a house to gut and make all our own. we're really looking forward to it...i think.