Friday, April 15, 2011


Wow, it's been a while. I'm feeling pretty great this pregnancy but the one thing I have noticed is a general lack of interest...I don't want to clean, I don't want to cook, and I don't want to blog. Occasionally the sun breaks through the clouds and I get a load of laundry done or make something for dinner that didn't come from a package...and today I am blogging! Without further adieu, I give you the latest installment of Finnisms, sprinkled with pics from his lastest do-it-yourself photoshoot.
Finn is getting more comfortable saying his prayers and has been getting really creative. This morning he asked Heavenly Father to please bless us to get more apples soon...which was a lot nicer sentiment than last night when he asked to "please help us die soon, please help us be crucified, and please bless us that we'll be put to death." With Easter coming up, I have been talking to him a lot about Christ's atonement and resurrection...maybe a little too much :)
I am hyper-aware of how much TV my kids watch in a day. Aaron...not so much. On a Saturday when we were all in the basement, Finn had just finished watching a show and said very strategically, "Can I watch another"
I frequently (especially lately) use the phrase, "I'm starving" when I need something to eat. After one such exclamation, Finn said, "Me too! Actually, no. Starvin' means you're so hungry you die right?"
Finn likes strawberries and doesn't care that he's not supposed to eat the stem. After sharing some strawberries with his cousin he came to the adults and triumphantly declared, "I ate my plant!" Way to stick to your guns dude.
Finn is very into maps and the other day he navigated us home from my brother's house...with a map of Ikea.
Being pregnant, I take fish oil supplements. Aaron asked if I'd had one yet today, I said no, so he got the bottle down and Finn said, "I want a fish whale!" It took me a minute to realize he was talking about my pill.
We live close to a Meadow Gold factory. The parking lot is full of big trucks that promote their product. One of the trucks says some slogan about milk and cookies and has a picture of the same. While we were passing the factory, Finn was telling a story, interrupted himself and could barely blurt out fast enough, "COOKIE TRUCK!!!" while he pointed ecstatically. It was so cute thinking that he just couldn't believe there was a truck full of cookies and he had to point out this amazing phenomenon before we passed it.

I woke up to the sound of Finn yelling for me in the middle of the night. I rushed to his room but he was already almost back asleep. When I asked him what was wrong he said, "Um, mom, um, why do dogs and cats have tails, why?"
Finn is really into dress-ups lately. The other day he asked me if we could go to the store that has Jesus dress-ups and get him one. An interesting conversation ensued about reverence for Jesus...but I guess in the end it is pretty great that he wanted to dress up like him. ****************
Finn wanted to wear two t-shirts the other day and so I let him. After he got them both on he said, "this is how Dad does it right mom?" Aaron frequently has two or three shirts on at a time and I thought it was so cute that Finn was just trying to be like his dad.

A couple weeks ago we watched General Conference. After getting out of the tub on Sunday night, Finn looked at his skin and said, "Hey mom! My hands look like President Monson's face!"


Rob and Marseille said...

LOL these are soo funny!!

Jess and Matt said...

He is adorable! I was laughing a lot while reading these, so cute! My favorite is him wanting a Jesus dress-up!

Butchike Bunch said...

So awesome that you are posting these... I loved that he had wrinkly President Monsons fingers!!

Mama H said...

Hooray for your blog! I'm always happy when you have updated with new pictures - and Finn is quite the photographer. And the navigator! How great he could get you home with a map of IKEA! (is he "tall enough" to play there yet???)

tara said...

wow, you and andrea must be the most creative, interesting, funny people in the world because your kids are hilarious. i hope luke grows up to be finn someday :)

ps the comment about president monson...awesomest thing i've ever heard in my life

Katie said...

These are SO incredibly awesome. Love.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

LOVE these! It makes me want to come over every day so I can hear some in person! I CRACKED UP about the prayer about dying and I had totally forgotten about the President Monson comment--bwahahahahaha!