Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who Put the Hop in the Hippety Hoppity Hop

The title of this post comes from the singing stuffed bunny that Finn and Kate got from their Grammy c/o the Easter Bunny. (Easter morning Finn exclaimed, "Mom! The Easter Bunny gave me himself!") It was a big hit with both the kids and all their friends. I put it in storage a week ago and I still can't get the song out of my head.

Leading up to the big day, we had an Easter party with some playgroup friends. Finn and Kate loved the egg hunt and playing and eating with their buddies.

Kate LOVED holding her Easter basket. On the drive home, she fell asleep immediately with it clutched in her tiny hands. When Finn saw me take a picture of her, he figured out a way to get his picture taken too.

Saturday night we colored Easter eggs as a family. I got this fun 'monster-egg' kit that the kids, including Aaron of course, had a lot of fun with.

Easter morning was so fun. Finn rushed down to my room to show me the puppets that the Easter Bunny brought for him and Kate. They were both so excited about their baskets. It was also fun to have our very own backyard to have an egg hunt in. Finn was very interested in the true meaning of Easter this year, and I loved teaching him about the resurrection and the gift of the atonement.

To top it off, my plum tree was in bloom making everything look so Springy -- it was an Easter miracle!


Katie said...

1) Your Easter eggs are the coolest I have EVER seen. Note to self: find said monster kit for Kaden in the future.

2) You are so ridiculously cute, even whilst doing dishes. It's sickening, but I love you, so it's OK.

3) Your house looks beautiful! So Spring-ified. Love it.

Micah and Marilee Woolstenhulme said...

Hey Parks! We were just chatting about you the other night and saying...where even are they? Are you guys in Orem or Lehi? Or neither? Congrats on cooking your third bun in the oven...we are due November 3 with our second! =) Can we have you guys over for dinner? What is the best way to get a hold of you?

Jobi Niu said...

Those Easter eggs are amazing!! Sheesh. How sad am I that I couldn't make it to the play date? Everyone's kids are so stinkin cute & grown up!!! I miss everyone sooo much!! That tree looks beautiful by the way. Hope to see you soon. I'm coming in town the first weekend in June for a few days for my sister's graduation.

The Parks Family said...

I cringed when I read the title of this post...it was finally out of my head and is no longer! Ours is in storage as well.

L.A. Harker said...

Those monster eggs are brilliant! So funny!

Mama H said...

Your yard looks so beautiful with the blossoming tree! The Easter egg hunts look like so much fun, the baskets are fantastic. Reminds me of the Easter we were at "Georges Place" (Your term for Grandpa Thomas's trailer in St. George). Golda found a community Easter egg hunt for you to participate in, I think you were 2 1/2~and you had a great time collecting candy and eggs.

aly said...

okay so #1 your hair...LOVE it!
#2 your kids are so big and so adorable!
#3 can i see you and some other compliance girls soon?