Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Canada Day and the 4th

We were thrilled to show our Canadian pride this year by participating in a local Canada Day parade! Finn's cousins decorated their power wheels and Finn had a blast riding in the back and throwing candy to the spectators. Here is the only picture I got (yes, Finn is completely hidden from view by the giant polka dot balloon). The power wheels ran out of battery half way through the route, so the kids had to be rescued, but a great time was had by all...including Kate. I love her smile at the end of this video:

The weekend of the 4th we took the kids to the park to see a patriotic musical and visit the colonial village. Here they are at "school" as it would have been in the olden days:
That night I took my sister Megan to Stadium of Fire for her birthday. (Brad Paisley was the main act and she really loves him.) I have never been and it did not dissapoint! Plus, we got hooked up with an extra ticket at the last minute so Tom could join us too!This is David Archuletta who was actually pretty great. I'm not zoomed in at all...we were so close to the stage!
Megan got so excited when Brad came out. He was great live!

And the fireworks after?! Total sensory overload, it was amazing. This video makes me so happy:

I didn't get any pictures of the 'actual' 4th of July but it was pretty great. As per tradition we went to Megan's for a BBQ and the men put on their extreme family fireworks show...which was extra crazy this year. It started to rain at the end of the night which put a damper on things, but it was still a fantastic day. Summer holidays are the best!

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tara said...

so i've kind of been on a prolonged hiatus from reading blogs and i decided to jump in this morning and see what the harker sisters are up to...dang!! look at all the amazingness happening in your life :) congrats on the new job. i know you probably hear stuff like this all the time, but we went through a similar situation. andy decided he was done owning his own business (thank goodness), but it took a long time (about a year once he made the decision) to find a new job. all the waiting, the hoping, the surety...anyway, i'm so happy for you and your little family. your kids are adorable and that video during the fireworks: priceless.