Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So, Christmas Happened

Whelp, March is almost over. No time like the present to blog about Christmas 2011!
We got our Christmas tree at Lowes this year and lucked out on a mis-marked tree -- a 6 footer for $20! It was perfectly cold the night we went to get it, just right for getting in the Chrismas spirit. This video is nothing spectacular, but I love to watch it just to see how excited the kids are...I remember being this excited when it was time to get the tree when I was young:

After the tree was decorated, we turned off all the lights, sat on the couch and basked in her yule-tide glory while sipping egg nog. Aaron and I agreed this was our best tree yet. It's so fun when your tree starts to get jam-packed with home-made creations and souvenir ornaments that are tied to great memories. We finished the night by watching "Pluto's Christmas Tree", a nastolgic cartoon from Aaron and I's childhood
Aaron's birthday is right in the middle of Christmas time and this year's was probably 1000 percent better than last year's. I made a delicious chocolate cake, Aaron made steaks, and we all wore party hats.
Christmas Eve we made our own delicious feast and had Ellen join us for all of our traditional stuff (rudolph game, cookies for santa, nativity story from bible, Christmas carols, short nativity video) Did I not take any pictures of that? Sad.
Christmas mornings just keep getting better and better. Santa scored a ton of Geo Trax for free from a friend and so Finn woke up to his very own train set. Kate was very excited about her princess barbies. Rex was an angel and liked to look at his new Tigger before drifting off to sleep. Candy was eaten before 8am. It was great. Aaron's favorite gift from me was the laptop I sneakily fixed for him (which I broke in the first place...we won't go there.) And my favoirite gift from him cute boots! I sure loved wearing them all winter.
Being Sunday, we had church at 10am and being the choir director, I had a program to lead! I was totally nervous and glad when it was over. But it turned out so well! The hilight was "What Child is This"...I love that song and the choir did such an amazing job bringing the spirit into our meeting.

The rest of the day was filled with family and food and fun. My kids are so lucky to have so many cousins their age to play with all.the.time. And of course, having Grandma and Grandpa around was great too.

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Mama H said...

I haven't checked your blog for weeks - I used to check every day, but got out of the habit - What fun memories! I had a great few minutes while I relived Christmas, and was glad I was there to hear your choir! Keep up the great work - what a fun way to do your family history.