Thursday, April 3, 2008

Collective Soul Concert

I forgot to blog about this so...

Earlier this month, we got to go to a Collective Soul concert...for free! It was part of an employee appreciation thing by Novell. Our friends Zane and Lexi were able to join us as well as all my siblings that live nearby. It was really fun. Frank something-or-other (a comedian on TBS that Aaron and I really like) opened for the show and he was really funny. The downer was that we were really high up so the acoustics were pretty bad and it was hard to tell what he was saying a lot of the time. Another downer was that my sister Megan was taking a video with her phone and accidentally dropped it over the balcony...and it totally busted. What a shame! All in all though, it was a pretty great time, considering it didn't cost a cent!

This is Collective Soul on stage...I promise:)

Me, Aaron, Zane and Lexi enjoying the show

Megan -- post phone dropping incident


zane and lexi said...

We loved it! Thanks again for inviting us - it's good to get out, especially with our long lost friends! So sad about Megan's phone, but pretty funny :)

Andrea & da boyz said...

Thanks for leaving me out of the phone-dropping incident. Now I can never be! :)

aly-son said...

megans hair is so freaking cute! and finn is ridiculously huge! and adorable as all get out!