Monday, May 12, 2008

Aaron's Texas Trip

The first week of May, Aaron went to Texas for his nephew's blessing. Jake (Aaron's younger brother) and Julia have an adorable 2-year-old girl Lydia and now have a beautiful baby boy as well -- Ethan Michael Parks.
Aaron's Mom holding baby Ethan:
Our sister-in-law Bobbi also went and brought her little boy Jaxson. Here are some cute pictures of Lydia and Jaxson playing together:

One day, Aaron went shooting with his brother and some friends. He was pretty stoked that he got to fire some semi-automatic weapons. Here's one of him that is rather frightening (due to the red-eye and crazy face he is making) but I think it captures just how excited he was. Boys and guns...go figure.
One night for dinner, Jake made crawdads (a type of freshwater crawfish that look like mini lobsters) I enjoy seafood...but I don't know if I could have enjoyed this meal:

Here is a video of the crawdads pre-cooking time...crrrrreeeepy.

Aaron absolutely loved it though and said it was delicious. Boys and weird food...go figure.
I'm sad that Finn and I couldn't go on this trip too, but I'm glad that we could send Aaron so he could have some good bonding time with his brother, shoot guns and eat crazy food!


Charlotta-love said...

Ah yes, the Texas crawfish. I never was crazy enough to eat one though!

Dan & Ashley said...

Okay those crawdads gave me the major heeby jeebies!! YUCK!!! Glad Aaron had fun with his fam!

Lisa Johnson said...

Crawfish boils are the BEST!!! Did they do the offical crawfish boil where they put tinfoil down on the table and just throw the food down the middle and everyone eats with their hands? Those are the most fun!