Monday, July 21, 2008

It's All About the Family

The Harker Fam left to right: Stacie, Mom, Dad, Brittany, Dustin, Andrea, Tom, Megan, Moi on the steps of the Arrow Wood Cabin
We recently returned from a Harker family reunion in Idaho -- what a blast! There was about 80 people there and we all stayed in 3 cabins in Island Park. This was a serious upgrade since we usually tent it and we had a great time! All of my siblings were there which was a treat because getting all seven of us together takes serious effort. During our 3 night/2 day stay we went to Yellowstone Park, played lots of games and cards, played softball, relaxed in the hot tub and bonded with the fam through it all!
Here are some nature shots from Yellowstone:Aaron and Finn near a river where we ate lunch. Note Finn's "Harker" onesie...thanks mom!
Aah, wildlife. We saw tons of elk, deer, squirrels and coyotes, but none of da bears. Finn was such a champ and was good the whole day! Here's hopin' those two front teeth grow closer together! Some of the fam at "Artist's Point". This canyon/waterfall is really amazing.

Aaron and I went to "The Brink" where you can stand next to the water as it goes over the falls...this picture doesn't do it justice, it was really cool. Finn's cousin Taj next to one of the hot pots. (Something smudgy got on my camera lens)

While we were walking along the boardwalk, Finn was riding on Aaron's shoulders (one of his FAVORITE things) and kept pointing to him while saying "Dada". We tried to capture it on video:

And what would a trip to Yellowstone be without checking out Old Faithful? In this video, you can see that the water is so hot it turns to vapor almost instantly. Seriously, the earth has some crazy tricks up its sleeve.

Here is most of the clan after an invigorating softball game. Aaron had the best hit of the bunch!

Other highlites included nightly campfires, a stellar talent show and surprise bridal shower for my cousin Sheree. Thanks mom and dad for planning such a fantastic event!


And & da boyz said...

Hey! You beat me to the punch! Two things: first, I totally laughed out-loud at your comment on Finn's teeth because we think the same thing about Brody! And letter B: good to see that you actually DID take Taj with you on that little excursion, and didn't just let him wander the hot pots at will until you met up with him later, as I had feared. :)Look for my vacation post soon--and I want a copy of that softball shot! :)

PS--I have 12 more onesies for Finn, if you want them.

PPS--You MUST watch the So You Think You Can Dance from last week. Pretty sweet. And crazy!

PPPS--I really hope Finn is feeling better. I was thinking Brody was getting over it, and he just woke up in vomit. WAH! Just know I am feeling your pain and I hope the little guy feels better so so soon!

Charlotta-love said...

Does Finn ever not smile? Seriously, he is adorable. Glad you had so much fun!

JoSue said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Island Park. I am so jealous. My family has a cabin there and they are selling it. SAD! It's so beautiful though. The lake is my favorite place. That's nice that you had some cabins to stay in. Especially cause it can get pretty cold there at night! Looks like fun!

Lisa Johnson said...

Those 2 little teeth of his are TOO CUTE! Looks like y'all had a good time!

Jobi Niu said...

How awesome that all 7 of you were there! I love big families :) Finn and Bryton's teeth are so much alike that's so funny, must be their close birthdays?? ha ha jk! CUTE pics though...

ec said...

i am so lovin' little finn's teeth.

i miss the harker fam.

ec said...

oh and seeing tom always reminds me of the sleepover on the tramp where him and norm were hiding under it.

wow. that was embarassing.