Monday, March 16, 2009

Rides Rule!

Milo overjoyed about the rocket ride with Finn and Gemma cruisin' behind

Last Thursday was Milo's birthday and Finn had a great time at his party. It was at Jungle Jim's in Midvale which is basically like ChuckECheese's but WAY better because they have a ton of kiddy rides too...and Finn loved them all! His favorite was the "ho-see" ride (the carosel) and the "ca-ca-ca!" ride (cars on a track). It was so fun for me to see him having such a great time. He went on a bunch of the rides by himself or with cousins and I was so proud of is just so exciting as a parent to see your child try new things. We stayed late so by the end he was pretty burned out but he sure enjoyed himself!

Riding the "Ca"...Finn loves to steer!

Racing with Uncle Tom

Milo, Gemma and Finn on the swings
Here is a video of Finn 'driving' on the jeep ride:


What the Hecklinger?! said...

Milo's face in that shot is PRICELESS. You should send it to Megan or blow it up poster size for his room. :) And hey! Lookin forward to pics of Vegas!

The Parks Family said...

so cute! Makes me want to take Jaxson there so bad!

Kathleen said...

Won't be long before Finn is ready to drive Henry! That party looks and sounds like so much fun. Thanks for your posts to keep me in the loop!