Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We'll Miss You Grandma

Last weekend, some of my siblings and I took a quick weekend trip to visit my Grandma Harker in Alberta (12 hour drive). My sister Brittany met us from Calgary and my parents came from Regina. The weekend before, my parents had a nice visit with my Grandma who was quite alert and talkative. Just before we got there, however, she got a bladder infection and hadn't eaten for several days, making her very week. She was only able to open her eyes a few times and did not eat or drink at all while we were there. Although she was very ill,, she knew we were there and often responded to us with sounds that let us know she was glad we came. Saying goodbye was emotional for me, because I knew it was the last time I would see her in mortality.

Me, Grandma and Dad
Me, Andrea, Brittany, Mom and Megan

The fam at our cousin Taylor's hockey game. Megan made signs out of paper plates that spelled his name. That's one thing I miss about Canada...all the hockey. Basketball games just aren't as rowdy.

Me and my friend who lives in Lethbridge. We had a great little visit...thanks for coming to see me Linda!

The morning after we got home, I got the call telling me that Grandma had passed away. I was sad and relieved at the same time. She was 88 years old and had a long and happy life and seeing her the way she was helped me know that she was ready to go. She lost a son to Leukemia when he was only 17 and my Grandpa passed away several years ago so I know she is with them now.
Aaron, Finn and I are driving back tomorrow for the funeral. It will be another quick trip for such a long drive, but I am glad that I am able to go to support my dad and the rest of my family.
I just remembered a project for my Media History class that she helped me with a few years ago: The questions relate mostly to the media, but it is still nice to read through. I will miss her stories. Thanks for raising such a wonderful family and for being such a great example Grandma. I love you and know I will see you again.


Zane and Lexi said...

I'm so sorry for your loss - zane's grandma passed a few months ago and we were so sad we couldn't go home. You'll be glad that you are making the trek to be with family at this time.

The Prigmore Family said...

Oh Ashley! I'm so sorry. My Grandma is in the hospital up there right now too. We are scrambling to get passports in case we have to make the funeral trip this weekend. I know both our grandmas have lived a good life and they'll be in a better place for eternity.

What the Hecklinger?! said...

I have been thinking about posting about this, but decided to just wait till I got home. Maybe I will just link to you--this is so nice! Thanks for making the trek with me, I'm really glad we went.

davis said...

ash sorry to hear about your grandma. never an easy thing, but so awesome for the knowledge we have that makes it a little easier. i love ya!

so exciting you got to see linda! oh my canadian friends are so cute.

Carpfam said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma, that is so nice that you were able to have that last visit with her though. I just read a few posts down and I am so EXCITED for your sweet baby girl!!! That will be so much fun! I love her first dress too, it's adorable. Good luck with the drive back up to Canada.

Jobi Niu said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma, that's nice that she gets to be with her hubby and son after so long!! That's awesome. A fun trip though huh? LINDA!! AHHH I LOVE HER. She's so cute! :]

Kathleen said...

It was so great to spend last weekend with you and your siblings. Glad you came home and were able to say good bye to Grandma.
Have a good trip this week - I'm excited to see you ALL. :)

Tiffany Johnson said...

I always forget that you and Nolan are cousins! I heard about your grandma last week. We had heard that Nolan was driving up for the funeral as well. Im sorry to hear about your loss. She sounds like an amazing lady.

Lisa Johnson said...

I'm sorry to hear your Grandma passed away, but it sounds like it was her time. That's so neat that you got to spend time w/ extended family and how fun that you got to see Linda! I miss our good old Prosper days! You both look really cute in the pic together.

Linda Jane Kyle said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma. :( She sure sounds like she was a great lady! I totally remember you doing that project on her... I remember taking compliance calls while you recorded her on your phone! Awesome.

And, it was a dream to see you... love the pic of us... I just saved it as my desktop background.

I will see you next month! Woo!!!