Saturday, August 1, 2009

Benefits of a Bottle Baby

Aaron fed Kate in the middle of the night last night.
And I slept.
Need I say more?
No, but I will.

No soreness.
No messing with a nursing cover.
No exclusion from the fun when I have to feed my baby.
No ball and chain.

I really gave it my best shot. I nursed Kate while she was in the hospital, but it was always difficult getting her to latch. I had to use a shield and it was always a struggle, but Finn was a difficult nurser too so I just thought it would take some time. When she came home though, I needed to give her several fortified bottles a day so she could get the extra calories she needs...and that's when she started to boycott nursing altogether. After a few frustrating late-night feedings where she took FOREVER to latch or didn't at all, the last straw was when it took me 30 minutes to get her to latch, and then Finn came and jumped on us and I couldn't get her back on. Enter the bottle. Exit frustration and headache. I am pumping as long as I can stand it/until my milk supply runs out. My maternal instict to nurse makes me a little sad that I can't breast feed my baby girl, but I have made peace with the situation and am just glad that she takes the bottle like a champ. Plus, the extra sleep I get thanks to my wonderful, helpful husband is pretty freaking amazing.


Parks' Place said...

Ashley, I felt the same as you when I gave up nursing feel bad but really appreciate the benefits at the same time!
Love the new title of your blog, very funny!

Heather said...

Garrett is a 1/2 and 1/2 baby and I see it going to just formula someday. It is hard to want to nurse (for me) when he will need a bottle soon anyways ( i nurse and then a hour later he eates a bottle) I am also loving the perks of a baby who takes a bottle

jenny barton said...

wade was EXACTLY the same way, and looking back on it, i should've given up the 45 minute breastfeedings long before i did. they are so painful and frustrating, and i couldn't imagine doing it with a 2-year-old! so good for you for doing what you have to do!
who knows, maybe kate will sleep through the night quicker, which is always a plus! been thinking of you guys!

Jobi Niu said...

I HATE nursing!! HATE. I stuck it out for 6 weeks with Jett and 4 months with Bryton and hated every minute of it.. bottle's are way easier. I'm not good at breastfeeding maybe that's why?? ha ha ha ha oh well.. what do ya do?