Friday, September 18, 2009

Utah State Fair

My sister-in-law Lesli hooked us up with free passes to the fair this year and we had such a great time.
We saw a cool alligator show and Finn loved walking through all the animal pens.

I love this video because it shows just how excited he was...he kept breaking out into spontaneous dance moves:

Of course we had to put him on some rides, even though they are a total money trap:

My favorite part was the "Little Hands on the Farm" exhibit. They gave each kid an apron and basket at the beginning, and had them walk through several stations where they got to "work on a farm".

Here is Finn picking his fake tomatoe. On the other side of this 'garden' the kids planted pretend seeds in the dirt, then went to the other side and got to pick what they planted to put in their basket. He also got to pick a pretend apple from a tree, ride a mini tractor, feed and milk a pretend cow, and brush a pretend sheep as seen below.

At every station he got to put something in his basket. Then at the end, he 'sold' his farmed goods for a fake dollar bill that he got to take to the 'grocery store'. They had a lot of different things like little cereal boxes, chocolate milk etc. and he got to pick out whatever he wanted for the dollar he made. Just as I was explaining this to Finn, Aaron says, "Hey Ash, I think we're getting an apple." I looked at Finn and he had picked out an apple and taken a big bite out of it! I thought it was so cute that he chose an apple out of all those things. He ate it on the way home and was totally content.

The only downer for me was the "BBQ turkey sandwich" I paid six dollars for that ended up being cold deli meat on a bun and I had to put the BBQ sauce on myself -- lame! I always think it's going to be so fun to eat at places like this, and I am always dissapointed and wish I would have brought my own food. Lesson learned. Luckily, I got to eat the rest of Finn's corn dog after he was done with it.


ec said...

um, that video is so cute. he's so dang funny in all the videos you post of him ... i think we need to hang out more.

oh yeah, you live in utah.

when are you coming back up north?

Mark said...

that video is hilarious. i especially love the hand in the air like he just made a layup or something. i echo your fair food tragedy buddy. i paid 5 buck for "the fair burger." yeah, it looked like it came straight out of a happy meal except the cheese wasn't melted and it sucked. fair food=lame...unless its your kids' unfinished corn dog...then, its awesome

tara said...

sorry, that last comment was me. apparently my husband was signed in under his spy name (his first name). love ya!

Kathleen said...

I love the farm apron and basket and the idea of working on the farm. And my brilliant grandson, choosing an apple when less nutritious options were available! Great pictures. Ummm - the corn dog looks good.....

What the Hecklinger?! said...

Isn't Little Hands on the Farm so AWESOME?! Taj still talks about it! We got him a piggy bank from there and he TREASURES it. My favorite was the apple picking!