Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving AKA Relax'n'Binge Fest 2009

For anyone who reads this: sorry for being lame-o and not posting anything forever...but as we all know the holidays get ca-razy!
Thanksgiving this year was so much fun! Aaron's brother Matt and his family came up for the whole week and we had a great time together with them and all of Aaron's other fam that live near. Are you ready for this? Aaron and his brothers do ALL THE COOKING on Thanksgiving! His mom definitely did her part and we all pitched in a little, but the girls were not in charge AT ALL. That is the way we have done it for the past few years and I have to say, I think it's pretty fantastic.
"Band Hero" for the Wii was a definite highlite of the weekend. It has a couple Taylor Swift songs that the younger girls were ALL A-BOUT. Kinz is singing here, with Ben on drums and Aaron and Matt on guitar.

Finn LOVED "playing" guitar along with everyone else. He seriously sat here with this guitar for at least an hour!

We got to celebrate Makinzie and Taylor's birthdays while they were here. Here is Finn post birthday cupcake, mid ice cream., pretty happy with himself.

Kate has seriously turned into the easiest baby. At about 4 months old she started sleeping through the night all by herself, she is happy just to hang out most of the day and she is rarely grumpy. She chilled in this swing for a good portion of the weekend, happy as can be.
I am so thankful for my fun little family, and all our extended family that make the holidays so great. We really are so blessed.


What the Hecklinger?! said...

That picture of Finn is PRICELESS. I might need to blow it up poster size and put it on my wall...my laundry room wall, to cheer me up when I am in the middle of a task that I LOATHE. :) Thanks Finn!

Adespain said...

Finn is getting so big! And I LOVE that the guys do the cooking! I need to get that instituted before it's too late!

Also, didn't get a chance to leave a comment- but I LOVE your system for rewarding positive behavior. Being positive is the most-effective-but-hardest-to-do discipline route. Props to you!

Angie said...

finn is looking so big! guys do the cooking? that is the best!

Mama H said...

How wonderful that the men take responsibility for that huge meal. And Finn is the happiest little guy ever - loved the pictures. Can hardly wait to see you all again. And your kids will be so musically talented with all the talent they can soak up from their parents and relatives!

Ailyn said...

I'm jealous. Seriously, very very jealous.