Monday, December 28, 2009

Aaron's Birthday

Aaron turned the big 3-0 this month. Wow. I remember being 16 and thinking 30-year-olds were old fogies. Thirty is not old at all! Still, it's a pretty big milestone so I wanted to do something really special for Aaron this year.

His birthday was on a Saturday, so I decided to surprise him a day early with an overnight date. My brother Tom works with Aaron so I had Tom send an email to Aaron's boss, asking if it would be okay to whisk him away early on Friday. I showed up at Aaron's desk mid-afternoon and he was totally surprised. When I told him I was there to take him away, he was a little confused and said, "uh, I can't leave yet." He was totally surprised when I told him I already cleared it with his boss. My sister Megan was so great and took our kids for the night (hooray for a bottle baby!) and my sister-in-law Lesli watched Kate for a while as well.

We had fun playing on these huge checker boards in the lobby of our hotel. I found out that I still suck at checkers.

I had already dropped off the kids and packed a bag for us so we drove straight to Salt Lake. We stayed at the Sheraton which has just been remodeled and was totally nice! It has a very modern feel to it and all the rooms have big flat-screen tvs. We checked in and Aaron had time to freshen up before we went to our dinner reservation at Tucanos. (One of Aaron's favorites.)

The two of us at Tucanos after a tasty meal. We shared some really yummy papaya icecream for dessert -- the perfect thing after a heavy meal -- delish!

After dinner we walked around the shops for a while. It was so fun to be downtown during Christmas time. The next day we went out for breakfast before heading home.

That night I made Aaron a chocolate cake and we had a few friends over before heading off to my sister's Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.
We had such a great time the whole weekend. I am so glad that I got to surprise Aaron with something really fun for his 30th birthday. I am so blessed to have a caring husband that loves me and our children so much...and cooks too! Happy birthday hot stuff...seeing you in that ugly sweater vest only made me love you more.


Charlotta-love said...

Happy 30th Aaron! And I totally thought 30 year olds were 'old' when I was young. ...until I turned 30 this year. I'm just BEGINNING life!!! 30 is the new 20.

Anonymous said...

sweet. surprises are the best! happy birthday aaron!

What the Hecklinger?! said...

So awesome! I'm glad you could make it to the party so we could celebrate with you!

Meghan said...

Matt turned 30 this year too...and I took him to Tucanos! I love that last guys are too cute.

Vanessa said...

Holy cow, Ashley! You are amazing! I hope I can come up with something that awesome for John some day.

JoSue said...

Man I was TOTALLY going to throw an ugly-sweater-Christmas-party this year but just ran out of time. I even bought us some really great sweaters. So I'll hold on to them until next year.

Ash! What a great birthday surprise! I'm inspired now. All it takes in a little forethought and I can never pull it together. Props to you though. happy Birthday Aaron! I'm also glad to hear you are back in your family ward. I'm sure the singles ward will miss you though!

The Prigmore Family said...

Best wife ever! How cool to have a get away without kiddos. You guys look HOTT in those sweaters.

PS We got Warios smooth moves and I am hooked. I pee my pants a little every time we bust it out. My favorite is the samurai and the elephant. Miss you guys!!!