Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Time 2009

We stayed in Utah for Christmas this year to have our own little Parks family holiday. It was so great! Christmas Eve we went to my sister Andrea's house during the day for a yummy mid-day feast. Finn had a great time with all his cousins and the food was delish! That night Aaron's mom came over and we sang Christmas carols, read Luke 2, watched the nativity movie and made cookies for Santa. Finn loved every minute of it.

New PJ's!

Finn and Grammy on Christmas Eve

After the kids went to bed we stayed up late eating yummy treats and playing games with "It's a Wonderful Life" on in the background. The part at the end when Harry says "to my big brother George, the richest man in town." makes me cry EVERY time. I also love that they sing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing". Man I love that movie.

Christmas Day was amazing. Finn was so excited he couldn't pay attention to any single thing longer than one minute. Santa brought him this Elmo Restaurant that he happened to find used at a great price and Finn was ALL ABOUT IT. Here's him playing with it later that morning:

Sesame Street characters from Brittany.

My new bathrobe from Aaron! So soft and wonderful, I absolutely love it.

And my new shirt! Aaron always does such a good job picking things out for me.

Aaron with his new driver. In retrospect I guess it was kind of sad for me to get him something he can't use until spring, but he is really excited about it!

Kate was 6 months old on Christmas Day!

We were SO excited to give this to Finn! It is a night light that looks just like the moon. It comes with a remote and even does all the different phases. Finn LOVES to look at the moon whenever we are outside at night so we knew he would love it.

Kate with her new links that she LOVES.

Ellen gave Finn many small toys to occupy him at church, including a mini rubix cube. He went and found Aaron's all on his own, brought it to him and climbed up beside him so they could both play together. Finn is so thoughtful sometimes! Also notice how handsome Aaron looks in his new sweater and shirt from me.

Finn with his spelling toy from Grandma and Grandpa Harker. He is really good at finding the letters all on his own and placing them in the right spots!

Finn with his new Elmo slippers that Santa left him in his stocking

Aaron made a delicious Christmas Feast all on his own for us to enjoy! We had turkey and lots of yummy sides including sweet potatoes which he made just for me because I'm the only one that likes them :) Every day I am thankful to have a husband that likes to cook.

We also got Wii Resort from my parents for Christmas and had a great time playing it and a bunch of other games on Christmas day. This time of year just makes me so happy. I am so glad that I have a family of my own to share it with. I am also so thankful for the birth of our Savior -- the King of Kings born in the lowliest of circumstances -- who came for all of us that we might have real happiness here on Earth and in the life to come.


maryirene said...

what a wonderful christmas! kate looks like she is getting so big. i'm sad we didn't get down to see you guys. sorry. we love ya though and wish you the best!

Mama H said...

Wow - thanks for posting all of those pictures of your Christmas - I loved watching Finn play with his Elmo Restaurant. I can't wait til he can russle me up some grub! And Kate is getting so mature - 6 months old already. Your family is so great - thanks for sharing - Love your BLOG!

The Parks Family said...

My favorite part about the whole post: That football is on in the background. Wouldn't expect anything else!

Rob and Marseille said...

you are so lucky you have a husband who likes to cook!