Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy New Year!

On New Year's Eve I took care of my nephew Jaxson. He comes over pretty early and Finn LOVES waking up with him already at our house. They played hard all day.

I found them pretending baby Kate's tub was a car. Those are Novell name tags in their mouths. Today Finn brought me a name tag and when I didn't play with it as 'cool' as Jaxson he said, "Ok, these not for moms, these just for Finn and Zaxson."

The snow was perfect for snowmen so I bundled everyone up and took them outside. By the time we got out though, the temp must have dropped because the snow was suddenly not sticky at all...hence our deformed, midget snowman. But the boys didn't know the difference, they were just glad to be outside together.
That sweater Kate is wearing was mine as a baby.
That night, we went to my sister's house for the party. We played lots of games and ate lots of yummy food. And of course, Aaron brought lots of fireworks. Aaron's little fireworks show for the kids was definitely the highlite of Finn and Gemma's evening. I love the image of all the kids in their winter coats with the glow of the fireworks and snow.

Finn and Gemma snuggled up watching a movie.

Kate went to sleep as soon as we got there and stayed asleep the whole time! Finn stayed up late partying and eventually succumbed to exhaustion. We all had a great time; it was a perfect way to finish out the holidays and ring in the new year!


L.A. Harker said...

Midget snowman! HA HA HA!
As if Kate is wearing your old sweater! That is so mind boggling! I don't think my parents kept anything like that. It's so cute!

Jobi Niu said...

What a fun NEw years! Finn is growin up so much. Your kids are so dang cute. I miss you. Cute pictures

Micah and Marilee Woolstenhulme said...

Such cute kids!! Hey, we finally moved from Provo (bummer). Sometime we want you guys to come over for dinner and see our new place (an excuse to hang out)!

Charlotta-love said...

"These not for moms"


Mama H said...

The fireworks - Hooray for family traditions! We missed you guys this year - our party was definately more low key and there were no fireworks outside at minus 30!