Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Stew

I have a lot of little thoughts and short stories to tell so I decided to dump them all together in one post and serve them as Spring Stew a la Blog. Enjoy. Warning: hearty stew ahead, feel free to eat just a few spoonfuls (aka skim).
I just got my hair done after...gasp...7 months. I usually go way too long in between hair cuts because I can't justify spending real money on my hair. But tax returns helped remedy that situation!

Yep, I have bangs. Still side-swept, but definitely bangs. And because I can't take myself seriously when taking a self portrait, I had to scrunch up my face.
A few days ago, Finn was in the corner for doing something bad, and started singing, "I am a child of God." Was it a ploy to make me feel sorry for him and forget the wrong-doing? I'm not sure, but it totally worked.

That incident reminded me of another one that happened shortly after Kate was born. Finn and Gemma were playing in Megan's basement, and when Meg went to check on them, this is what she found:
Oh the irony.

Kate's jolly jumper has turned into a jolly walker lately since she has grown and we haven't adjusted it. She loves running a few steps and letting herself fall back. Here is a great video Aaron got of her showing off her kicking skills while we were playing a board game with Finn:

And perhaps our craziest story of the month -- we found an abandoned dog! Aaron noticed a kennel on the side of the road when I was taking him to work one morning and as we drove by, he could tell there was an animal in it! We asked a few neighbors and no one recognized it so we brought him home.

Poor little guy was shivering and did a lot of 'business' as soon as we let him out so we knew he'd been in there for long time. We put an ad up online and even posted signs around the neighborhood, and I kept thinking, "someone's gonna call any minute about this dog."... but no one ever did! Aaron is SUCH an animal lover, he bought the dog "filet minion" to eat that night and gave him a bath.
The surprising thing is, he's actually really cute and has a great personality! Since we're probably going to be renting a home soon, we knew we couldn't keep him but Tom and Lesli snatched him up right away and now he has a great home with them! They named him Yoda since he's got little Yoda ears.
Finn and Kate ADORE him and it was a little hard giving him up, but now Finn can visit him all the time and we don't have to clean up after him :)

I let Finn feed Kate the other day and he is actually really good at it! Here is a video of him in action:

We've been having fun taking funny pictures -- totally Finn's idea.

The Zoooooooo!
The weather was perfect. The price was cheap. The crowd was minimal at most. We had a great time.

My favorite part was when it took Finn about 3 minutes to find the ELEPHANT standing right in front of him. (Seriously, so funny how long it takes him to find things sometimes) We didn't tell him what animal he was looking for and when he finally said, "Oh! It's an Elephant!!!!" it was the cutest thing ever.

Lastly, Aaron and I have just started our 6th week of P90X! If you haven't heard of it, it's a series of workout videos that span 90 days and is super intense. We've been working out every morning at 6am and LOVE it. We haven't missed a day! We are so proud of ourselves and are already seeing good results. Aaron has lost 12 pounds! I haven't lost any weight but am feeling a LOT more toned and fit. No pics yet...I will post some at the end...actually probably not cuz that could be weird. Just take my word for it -- we're getting buff!
Wow. That sure was a big helping of Spring Stew. And now I am really, really full.


Charlotta-love said...
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Charlotta-love said...

I'm taking a homework break so I actually read the entire post. :o) Finn is super cute. I love how he tapped the bowl while he was feeding Kate. lol.

And now I need to do homework so I can finally say my paper is ALL DONE. (waving hands in the air)

Zane and Lexi said...

ok, I LOVED this update! First, I need the name of your hair dresser - cause it's been WAY too long for me and I always love your do. Second, I just died watching little Kate in her jumper. so funny! and Lastly, Finn is just the sweetest. I loved him setting up the game pieces and feeding his little sis. (especially when he tries to help her sign "all done") I really really hope we get to see lots of you this summer when we are back in utah!!!! (wow, worlds record for longest comment ever, sorry)

Launi said...

what a delicious stew! :) it's fun hearing about all your adventures.

Micah said...

love this!

Mama H said...

Loved all your pictures - as usual! The jolly jumper/kick boxer video - fantastic. Makes me feel right there with you - Oh yeah - it was ME that found the kids and the markers - I WAS there! :) Ahh - the zoo, great times. Love your matching green shirts... Kate is so patient to wait for that food to get all the way to her mouth...Yum Yum - keep up the good stew posts!

Mama H said...

PS - Love your hair, too!

ec said...

loved the update!

you guys all look so great ... sad we missed you on our gong show of a trip, but i did see your sister stacey at chuckarama in st george. how random.

Katie said...

Love the bangs!!!

Tom said...

Token comment from a male: great post!