Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter 2010

Finn got to have lots of Easter fun this year. It started with dying eggs at Dan and Bobbi's. LOVE that we did that at someone ELSE'S house this year! Later that week we went to an Easter party with his playgroup. First we made these bunny ears:

Then we let the kids lose in the backyard for an egg hunt:
All the kids were distracted by the trampoline and we had to remind them there were eggs full of candy to find!
But Finn caught on quickly, and of course, cracked one open as soon as he found his quota.
On Saturday morning, we went to my brother's for breakfast and Finn got to do another egg hunt with some of his cousins. (That's what the first picture is from.) Kate had a good time there, even though she didn't get any eggs:
And Finn found a he-ouge carmel-filled egg which, as evidenced by his expression below, put him in somewhat of a euphoric candy coma.
And of course we had to do our OWN egg hunt on Easter Sunday. Yes, it was a little egg hunt overkill but Finn was all about it.

The Easter Bunny put these window crayons in Finn's basket. He also put some Sidewalk Chalk in Kate's basket that she has been gracious enough to share with her older brother.
Finn has been eating the contents of one Easter egg every day after dinner...and they are finally all gone. I had to hide the leftover candy so Aaron and I won't snack on it every chance we get!
It was also really fun for us to teach Finn about the true meaning of Easter. It was so nice to be able to watch General Conference and hear the words of the Prophet, at a time when I need to reflect on what my Savior has done for me.


Jobi Niu said...

How cute are those ears and faces painted?? FUN! Easter is such a fun holiday, and how much do I LOVE the candy?? That carmel choc egg looks UNREAL right now. ha ha. KAte is growin up way too fast!! She is so dang cute.

The Parks Family said...

Love the window markers, Jaxson can't stop talking about them!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

I love that ear idea! And Finn looks so awesome in his candy coma and so content drawing on the window--sweet!

Meghan said...

I want those window crayons (and the overalls)!! hahaha. I love that the last picture has snow in the reflection, evidence of the crazy weather Easter weekend!

Emily Parks said...

Your kids are pretty adorable. Gotta love egg hunts.

Mama H said...

I noticed the snow in the background as well...But what great bunny ears! You do a great job of capturing (and captioning) your photos. When I look at your blog, it makes me happy, like I'm not REALLY missing out on all those fun activities!

Ailyn said...

I have to get the kiddos some of those window crayons. I have never heard of them but they look like loads of fun.
Thanks for the idea.

ec said...

um ... i love his over-alls. they are totally awesome.

we're in st. george. we were hoping to stop and see you on the way home but some unfortunate happenings (ie. the car blowing up) has changed all of our plans. we'll get a hold of you if things change, but we're thinking of you while we're down in your neck of the woods.