Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm still here I promise

Canada was real great.
High point: Too many to mention...okay I'll settle on ice cream with the fam at Milky Way...twice.
Low Point: when Finn tipped over on an umbrella stroller and got a fat lip after lots of blood and tears.
Lots of pictures to come....I've been lazy because I don't have my own computer to upload pictures to.
Still in Saratoga Springs. Things should be on schedule for closing on our house in Orem on June 10th but we will probably wait to move in until the end of the month while Aaron does some renovations. We are sooo ready to have our own yard and have already planted our garden! Let's hope something actually grows :)


maryirene said...
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Micah and Marilee Woolstenhulme said...

Hey,you guys are in Saratoga for now? Oh please, can we hang out? That's where we live!!

Mama H said...

I agree on your high and low points. It was a great visit - thanks! I'm excited for you to move into your own place with a YARD. Good luck!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

I love that you already planted a garden! And crazy point: I witnessed Joan (?) bear her testimony in Stacie's ward about moving her food storage. So bizarre that she moved there!

Micah and Marilee Woolstenhulme said...

Hey, I just got your comment and we just missed each other. Sunday we are out of town, but we have Thursday night open I think. I work tuesdays and wednesdays. Let me check my work schedule.