Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ramblings of a displaced gal

We finally closed on our house last week! Glory Glory Halleluja. And we are still renting out our condo which makes us land lords too!

Renovations have begun on our house, and because I dropped the ball, we didn't take any 'before' pictures before the massive demolition on Saturday. I am actually really really sad about that.

It is going to be a lot of work but we are really excited. I just love the house and I know it has such great potential, I know we can make it really cute inside. Every time I go by I love it more and more...which is kind of funny because it's looking worse and worse since we have ripped carpet up and sledge-hammered walls etc. I want it move-in ready by July 10th. Aaron says that is wishful thinking but he thinks it should be ready by July 17th. If we haven't moved in by July 24th I will cry...and probably worse. Don't get me wrong, our fam we are staying with has actually been really great, but when it's time, it's time.

I am feeling serious withdrawls from not blogging but our USB cable for our camera is packed and this laptop doesn't have a memory card slot. And I think posts without pictures are lame.

Oh yeah...Kate turned one last week. WHAT?! Oh blog how I miss you and your all-encompassing power to document important events. Yes I have pictures. No I have no idea when they will ever make it on here. Sigh.

Where are you normal life? I miss you.


Tom said...

I thought we established that your laptop DOES have an SD slot...?

Nataly Harris said...

Ashley! I know life has been CRAZY for you! We went thru kind of the same thing last summer...being "displaced" while moving down from Alberta. I would still want to do family pictures with you guys. You can totally postpone it until after you've moved in...or whenever. I know how it is to live out of "boxes" or suitcases... I will have to get in touch with you. Good luck with all the renovations! :)

Ashley and Aaron said...

Yes, the computer actually does have a slot but it said I'd have to reconfigure my card and I didn't want to mess around with that bidness. Dan and Bobbi say they have a USB cord I can use though so maybe I'll be back in business sooner than I thought!

tara said...

i feel your pain. the end.

ps see you in a couple days! i'm so excited to let luke experience all the harker cousins twice removed or whatever they are. we're always so jealous of all your guys' adventurs. see you soon!!

Rob and Marseille said...

ooo...where's your house?

Ailyn said...

poor Ashley. I've been there and will be again this summer while Matt does work on our house. It is never fun but don't worry, it is worth it in the end.