Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Whoever made up the expression "two heads are better than one" has never taken care of toddlers. Finn and Jaxson have become great friends while we have lived here and are really good kids most of the time. But when they put their heads together, they can be really terrible kids some of the time. Here is a list, in no particular order, of SOME of the mischief they have gotten into in the past two months. Keep in mind that several of these events took place within minutes of each other while I was cleaning up the first mishap.

-threw all the sidewalk chalk over the fence
-threw sand over the fence
-threw rocks over the fence and hit the neighbor's house
-made piles of sand around the plants in the garden
-dumped sand out of the sand box into various places around the backyard
-ripped up sprinkler pvc pipe
-gave their stuffed animals, and themselves, baths in the sink
-turned on the tub and played with the water
-dumped several shoes into the toilet
-dumped a bag of marshmallows into the toilet and stirred them up
-played with the blind cords, which Jaxson got caught around his neck...that was actually pretty scary but everything was okay
-shredded an entire newspaper in the front entry
-dump/spill their food during more mealtimes than I care to mention
-ate chapstick and smeared the rest on the floor
-dumped out the entire contents of Monopoly and Life board games
-crawled under the fence to the neighbor's yard
-gotten completely muddy from head to toe
-broke out of the backyard and went for a joyride on their bikes

And several more things that I can't remember right now!

You'd think that I never watch them...but the truth is that most of these things happen SO fast. Like I send them upstairs to get dressed, and find them bathing in the sink...or send them to the backyard while I put Kate down for a nap to find them dumping sand everywhere. Some of it has happened when they both wake up before 7am and none of the parents have energy to wake up with them...which we always regret later. They definitely keep my displaced life far from boring!


Mama H said...

You'll be glad you have this list someday when you are old and lonesome! Burns (Tom) and Landen were dynamite together. Wish I had a list to look at, but I do remember they flooded Lanny's basement 3X before he banned Burns from their home!

tparks said...

Ah, Ashley the stories I could tell you about all the Parks boys when they were that age and when they put all their heads together to have some fun. It usually wasn't pretty. Fire and bomb making seems to come to mind!!!!

Courtney said...

Oh man! You've got your hands full! I hope Finn never tries to rope Kate into his mischief.
Bria is no longer allowed to touch chapstick, because she always, inevitably digs it all out with her fingers and wipes it everywhere.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

I seriously could not believe that list when you were telling me--and this page has even MORE?! Crazy! You definitely have your hands full!

Tom said...

My "kid" just chews stuff up--like several pairs of Lesli's heels, the $60 band for my heart rate monitor, etc. But never while we're watching him--only while I'm in the shower, or I'm making lunch, etc.

Nataly Harris said...

Oh, my! Those little ones can sure keep us on our toes!! By the Way....I want to take your family pics ASAP if you guys are still up for it!!! :)