Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Me: (Tickling Finn)
Finn: (laughing)
Me: (Keep tickling him for a long time)
Finn: (laughing) Mom... (stops laughing, gets serious)I want you to go clean up some stuff.


Finn: Mom, can we snuggle downstairs?
Me: (Surprised because he has never requested this) Sure! I'll be down in a minute.
Finn: (runs downstairs) Mom, I did everything we need!
(He had got a blanket out, dimmed the lights and put the footrest up on the recliner)


Finn knows the phrase "Can I get a what what?!" and has figured out appropriate times to say it. At dinner one night, he was not eating very well. He did something funny that made Aaron and I laugh so he followed it up with "Can I get a what what?!" and we both said, "No. Eat your food."


Finn: Mom, we're not old right?
Me: No, we're not old.
Finn: Yeah, because old people die.
Me: Well, that's right, but people don't die until they're really really really really old.
Finn: Yeah, like you're phone!
(My phone is super out-dated and falling apart. It's kind of a joke between Aaron and I how crappy it is and I guess Finn picked up on it. Luckily I just finished switching my contacts over to a new phone from my brother so I won't be calling from ghetto-ville much longer!)


Finn: Mom, you're my little firecracker. (phrase that a dad says to his daughter in a story I read him the night before.)


Finn: (looking me straight in the face) Shaloony! (He was being silly, trying to call me a name. He learned this from Toy Story when Woody says to Buzz "Good Riddance Ya Looney!" because it sounds like he says "Good Riddan-Shaloony!)


Finn: (playing with army guys) Mom, what's this thing called? (Referring to the plastic piece that holds the legs together)
Me: Oh, that doesn't really have a name. It's just a piece of plastic to help the army guy stand up.
Finn: Yes it does have a name! It's C-H-I-N-A!


Rob and Marseille said...

lol! for some reason the last one was especially funny!

Lindy Kyle said...

Hahaha, I loved all of these! Finn is too cute!!!

Kate said...

Ashley, these made my day! i hope that when i have kids they will be as funny as Finn. thanks for sharing!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

I love it! Quoting kids this age is so great! I was going to comment on my favorite one, but they are all so funny, I can't choose. Seriously. I do want to be around when he says "Shalooney" or "Can I get a what what" now!

maryirene said...

lol! he's so darling!

Lisa Johnson said...

Those are TOO CUTE! It's good you're writing them down so you can remember them in the years to come (and possibly use them for blackmail when he starts dating)! :)

L.A. Harker said...

Can I get a What What! That's so awesome!

Katie said...

So cute! You will be so glad you documented all of these later =-)

The Prigmore Family said...

SUPER funny! Put that kid on YouTube! Choob always talks about death and says that he wants to be an angel so he can fly. Needless to say I am super paranoid when anyone is backing out a car. hee hee.

What is your new address? We've got somethin to send you guys. Can't wait to hear all about the doggie. I say go big or go home. Little dogs pee on everything.

tara said...

you harkers...i wish i was one. your kids are all apparently hilarious. meanwhile, my son just repeats the words trains, cars, and the occasional i love you. maybe someday, my children will grow up to be as cool as yours.

ps i have not yet had the opportunity to try pumpkin waffles, but thanks to you, i will not die before it happens. mmm...