Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our New Dog!

Now that we have a house and a yard, we've decided to end our 4 year petless period and get a dog!

Below is the ad we found on KSL:

Beautiful Black German Shepherd - AKC Purebred. $50
Salt lake city, UT 84116
Dogs do not get any better than this. Cleo is a pure bred German Shepherd who is smart, sweet, and obedient. She is amazing around children and plays well with other dogs. She only barks when she needs to (like when someone tried to break into our house... or when the creepy guy was walking towards the kids). But she does like to sing with an occasional fire truck.Cleo is 6 years old. She is 90% black with some tan markings. She's laid back but loves a good run or play. She's in great health and will come with all relevant paper work for vaccinations, spay, and micro chip. She has paperwork from the AKC. She is accustomed to being indoors with family and is trained to stay off furniture.
She responds to:
Down (lay down),
Leave it (drop steak on the floor and tell her leave it - she won't touch it. Also works with dogs and other things).
Take it (OK...go ahead and take the steak I just dropped),
Back it up (give me some space),
Gentle (used around children playing or giving her treats.)
Release - release a tug-toy.
Drop it - drop a toy or a ball.
Go Potty - umm, yep. You guessed it.
Outside - will run to door to go out
Inside - will run to door to go in.
Find it - find hidden treats.and the list goes on...
I'm in school and am looking to join the military... So we are looking for a good home.Cleo will come with an insulated outdoor house, toys, leashes, food, treats, back-pack, and heart worm pills.

Aaron has always wanted a German Shepherd and I was hesitant because I didn't think they'd be good with kids. But everything this ad says about this dog is true!
the above picture makes me happy

Do me a favor, will you please, and spare me the comments about how bigger dogs are more work...I know that. We are in a house with a big yard now, and this dog is so well-trained it will be nothing like having a puppy. Aaron and I are going to have a nice, lengthy discussion tonight about responsibilites that come with a dog like this. He is so happy right now I'm pretty sure I could get him to commit to anything. I'm sure there will be hiccups here and there, but I just couldn't say no to Aaron's dream dog for this price, with this temperment, with this training and with all that extra gear. Bring on the name suggestions!


Heidi Allred said...

What a gorgeous dog! Your kids are going to have the best friend of their lives.
names?: Bones, typical but I love it.

Mama H said...

I like Cleo. And I'm sure I will like the dog, too. She looks beautiful, and the training all done - fantastic! Congratulations on your new family member. Can't wait to meet her. But she's not sleeping with me...

tara said...

wow...i think that ad might as well have said...come and get this perfect dog for next to nothing and thank me incessantly later. she sounds awesome! and i won't be saying anything negative about big dogs because that's all the thomas' ever have! my dad knows no other type my friend. good luck with the responsibility exchange. does finn totally love her?

Katie said...

What a nice wife you are =-) Also, all that training already done = amazing!

Zane and Lexi said...

I'm jealous. Now that we're in a house with a yard, I'm searching for the perfect dog but it sounds like you found it first. So do you already have her!?

Jess and Matt said...

This will be a great dog for you guys! Matt can't wait to get a big dog again so I can only imagine how happy Aaron is! Also, so excited for you that she is already trained...HUGE difference from your (our) last big dog experience!!! I believe getting a big dog that has grown out of its puppy stage is the way to go, and probably not much more work than small dogs b/c they are smarter plus protecting your children and you?! Huge bonus about a big dog. Hope we get to meet her soon!! And, yes, make those responsibilities crystal clear in the beginning! :)

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

How did I not know this? Yay Parks family! Now we can have a surrogate dog!

Vanessa said...

That is so awesome! (I grew up with a German Shepherd by the way, and they are great family dogs) We are buying a house and John wants a dog so bad! Hopefully we'll come across as great as you guys :)