Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

Nana Lana gave these cute Halloween shirts to the kids last year, but they actually fit perfectly this year. (Yes, Kate still fits in some 6-12 month shirts even though she is 16 months old!) They had fun wearing them this Halloween season

Our festivities started off with a Halloween playgroup at our house. Trying to get all the kids in one picture was difficult to say the least. This is the best shot I got...right after Finn accidentally fell over with Kate!

Friday afternoon we went trick or treating at Novell. Finn just went desk to desk and raked in SO MUCH CANDY. Here are a couple shots I got of the kids in the car on the way there: Finn the 'scary' dragon. (He made sure I knew he was a scary dragon, not a nice one.) And Kate as Snow White.

The next day was our ward Trunk or Treat. Since I had more time, I decided to have more fun dressing Kate up. Her "Bride of Frankenstein" get-up won second place in the costume contest!

At the party:

Kate's prize was a box of Sour Patch Kids which she thoroughly enjoyed:

Both kids had a great time trick or treating at the party, but were both so thrashed afterward that we opted not to take them around the neighborhood this year. Kate even shook her head 'no' when someone at the party tried to give her a piece of candy. That was the signal that we were definitely done.

On the way home:


Mama H said...

Loved the pix and videos. I seriously thought you had put a wig on Kate in that one picture - couldn't figure out how you got it to stay on. Then realized it was her real hair - looks so red in the pix! I really liked the pic of Finn the scary dragon sleeping his his carseat! Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for the blog!

Ailyn said...

I love how you always put up videos. So cute.

Katie said...

Your kids are precious. I love Finn's scary growl, lol.

Butchike Bunch said...

Thank you for all of the updates!!! I have missed you in blogland and I am happy you are back. How wonderful to be in your new house.. I cant wait to see more pictures, I love the living room.... the colors, and chairs and floor all loook so good.

Kate is hilarious as the Bride of Frankenstien... well done. I love the picture of them posing together at the party. And how fun that you had a wonderful California adventure!! Im sad I missed you and the kids when you came home... one day our kids shall play!! Love ya

tara said...

that bride of frankenstein is seriously awesome/priceless. love it and i love the fact that she refused candy. seriously people, stop forcing me with the sweet stuff...awesome

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Bride of Frankenstein?! How did I not know that you did this! So cute!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

I also love that picture of Finn workin it!