Thursday, November 18, 2010


Inspired by my sister Andrea, I have started making an effort to write down all the funny things Finn says. He is constantly coming up with great one-liners and silly questions but I have a hard time remembering I've started jotting them down with the intent to capture them for all time on this blog. Here is installment numero uno:
Finn runs out of the bathroom pantsless.
Me: Finn, did you wipe your bum?
Finn: Nope!
Me: Finn, I'm pretty sure you pooped so you need to wipe your bum.
Finn continues running around half-naked.
Me: Finn, if you pooped, you need to wipe your bum right now.
Finn: Mom! I didn't poop! I went diarrhea!
Finn is playing with a Woody doll in the backseat of the car. Woody normally talks but the battery is dead.
Finn: Dad! Woody talked!
Aaron: Oh yeah? What did he say?
Finn: He said, um...he, he said uh 'Hooooooooooowwwwwwwwwdy Paaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrtnerrr'
We are leaving the theater after watching Toy Story 3.
Finn is playing with his 3-D glasses.
Finn: I like these glasses Mom.
Me: Yeah they're pretty cool, huh?
Finn studies me for a minute, notices my regular glasses.
Finn: Are your glasses 1-D Mom?
Finn is in the corner for a time out. Kate is standing beside him and trying to play.
Finn: Mom! Mom! Kate is over here while I'm in the corner! Take her away Mom!
Me: She's not hurting you Finn, just pretend she's not there.
Finn: I can't because I'm ignoring her!!!


AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Ah, diarrhea. So funny! And why do all boys latch onto that word?! Love the Finnisms!

Ailyn said...

Oh the funny things that kids say.
It's good that you are writing them down.

The Parks Family said...

LOVE it! And thanks for the reminder for us to be better at writing that tuff down...seriously, diarrhea...he's for sure a Parks!