Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rex is Here!

Hmmm, well...yes. This post is extremely overdue. But what can I say? I'm the mother of three now! free time. I guess I do have free time but the majority of it is spent lying comatose on the couch before I stumble to bed. Today a miracle occurred and all three kids took a nap at the same time...hence this post is finally being written!
The day I went into labor, I was a BASKET CASE. I couldn't keep focused on one thing for longer than 5 minutes and I was cleaning parts of the house I have never touched before. I was seriously running around all day. I was having contractions but was just more annoyed by them than anything. Aaron told me he was pretty sure I was in labor and we both laughed it off.
Around midnight, the contractions started to get more intense. I'd already gone through a false labor situation and was still two weeks from my due date so I didn't want to jump to conclusions and decided to take a warm bath to try to make them stop...but they just got worse. I finally called Megan and she sent Neil over to sleep on the couch. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE living two blocks from my sister...cuz it's pretty much the greatest thing ever.)
The next two hours were HELL as the contractions escalated to ca-razy mode but as usual I don't progress so it took them a while to admit me. When the nurse checked me and I still hadn't progressed yet, Aaron was ready with a trombone app on his phone that he recently downloaded that goes "wa wa wa waaaaahhhh". That's a man for ya. The nurse was totally on my side and shot him an evil look. I have to admit it was actually pretty funny. Luckily as soon as I was admitted, the anesthesiologist was right there and hooked me up with an epidural. Three hours later Rex was born!
The actual delivery was a total breeze. Zero stiches makes a happy mamma. And with this little cutie pie as the reward, how could I ever complain?
Rex Bennett Parks. 6 pounds, 14 oz. 18 1/2 inches long. Lots of dark hair, most of which has fallen out by now, but it doesn't matter because he just keeps getting cuter.
I had lots of wonderful visitors in the hospital, but I have to say my favorite ones were Finn and Kate.
Coolest Aunt Ever award goes to Megan for not only taking care of them for a couple days but painting their faces too!
Love this video of Aaron helping Kate hold Rex:
Both kids are very good with the baby. Finn is a good helper and is always getting baby items for me or giving Rex his binki and Kate just LOVES to hold him and look at him.
My mom and dad arrived two days after I got home from the hospital -- perfect timing! Dad got right to work fixing a gazillion things around my house (seriously, he never stopped working) and Mom kept the older kids entertained, bought lots of groceries and gave Rex lots of cuddles. We even managed to get a few card games in! I was so sad to see them leave...they were soooo much help and such great company. Here are a couple shots of them in action:Aaron and I are both so happy with our little family. Rex is 6 weeks old now and a really good baby...a WAY easier newborn than my other two were and we are just in love with him. I took these pictures a couple weeks ago...he changes so much every day and is already chubbier than these pics.
Welcome to the fam little Rex. I know I didn't imagine it -- you looked right into my eyes and smiled at me today! I promise I'll try my hardest to be the mom you deserve, I already love you more than words can say.


Heidi Allred said...

Two weeks early?? you got all the luck this time!! He is gorgeous! So happy for you, and seeing your parents makes me realize I'll be missing out on their traditional USA thanksgiving meal. YUM. sniff.

Lots of love coming from up north~

Rob and Marseille said...

only three hours of labor once you got the epideral?! amazing!! He's cute!!

Emily Parks said...

he's so adorable. Hugs to your family.

Mama H said...

We had fun visiting and bonding with all the kids. Loved your pictures and can't wait to see you all again!

Katie said...

OK. Cutest video of the year award goes to . . . the one posted on this blog. So precious. Your kids are adorable. Hope you're feeling well. Welcome to the newest Parks!