Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rex's Newborn Photoshoot

My sister-in-law Lesli was kind enough to let Rex poop all over her props so we could get some newborn photos. We had a pretty difficult time getting everyone to cooperate and I learned a lot for the next one of these I do...but we ended up with a few really great shots and that's all I need!

I wanted to get a shot of all three kids together, which didn't happen because Rex was floppy and irritable and the other two forgot how to follow directions all of a sudden. But we did get some great ones of Finn and Kate on their own:

And these of them together, the second of which I absolutely love:

Finn is a little out of focus and I think if he was making a more serious face like Kate it would have made this picture absolutely amazing, but of course I love his smile too. That picture just melts my heart. Thanks for capturing all these Lesli!

Rex is now 8 weeks old and has just started smiling a lot more often. He is also starting to coo and experiment with his voice which is pretty much the cutest thing ever. I am surviving as a mother of three...but my house is not! I am lucky if I shower before noon and usually have to choose if I want to look presentable or keep the house liveable...someday I might get to do both!


Kati Ellis said...

so cute! Your kids are just precious. I miss them! I can't wait to meet Rex. I laughed really hard when you said that Finn was almost an Emmett, because, Emmett was almost a Finn. I had no idea you guys loved the name... apparently we have extremely good and awfully similar taste! Miss you guys

Jess and Matt said...

I love these!! Your kids are all so dang cute! You got some really great ones of little Rex. Can't wait to see you guys in a month!

Heidi Allred said...

They are adorable kids you have! I'll take the messy house or messy hair as a warning... thx!

Mama H said...

So good to see pix of the kids! Thanks for blogging. I love the picture of Finn "hugging" Kate. He looks enthusiastic, but she's not so sure??

Vanessa said...

So cute! I love the picture of Finn and Kate hugging. Kate is such a babe already!

maryirene said...

so gorgeous! i can't wait to meet up with you guys again someday and see these darling kids!

Annalisa said...

congrats!! what darling photos!!!

(from emily's sister)