Saturday, January 12, 2013

July Highlites

#1: 4th of July
We usually spend the 4th of July with my side of the family, but this year since Matt's family was in town, we switched it up and went to Grammy's. Here are a few gems from the evening, courtesy of a friend with a much better camera than me:

#2: Uncle Ben left on his mission to Mississippi!  He was NINE when I met him for the first time. CA-RAZY!

#3: Mud Run with Megan, Dustin and Aaron.  So much fun!  Well, except for the part where Megan pushed me into a muddy pond and I gashed my leg (check out the streak of blood on my right shin). But that didn't stop me from finishing!  I have a battle scar from it now.  I'm extreme.  I would never do this particular race again because it was so poorly organized (started late, not all the obstacles were assembled, after first lap the mud turned to rocky scraped-knee hell) but I'd do another mud run for sure -- we had a great time! (The first pic is pre-race. Pre-race.  Meg dressed like a hick and wanted Aaron to too, but much to her chagrin and not really to his, the overalls she got him were too small to race in.)

 #4: Finn played T-Ball!  He is the little guy in the middle with the tan hat.

Here is a video of him in action at practice.  Watching him do those 'jumping jacks' just warms my heart:

#5: Finn got a ride on Cool Uncle Tom's motorcycle.  This little man is usually VERY cautious but he loved it!

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