Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Finn Turned 5 and started Kindergarten!

Finn has grown up so much this past year, reaching the epic age of 5 and starting kindergarten.  This was the first 'friend' party I have done for him, and it was a success!  Here are some moments from the party:

The awesome invite, courtesy of Megan who did this theme for Milo's last birthday party.  She realized after the fact that we shouldn't really encourage kids to defeat enemies of evil...but I think they got the general idea ;)
Since I am not crafty AT ALL, I was pretty proud of this sign I made.  We moved it to the inside after all the kids got there, but it was originally on the outside of the door with some balloons.  When they came inside, I gave them a name tag with their ninja name (using a key I got from Megan...Finn's name was Lukitoto) and a headband.

This picture of Kate is just hilarious in it's own right, but you can also see the treat boxes that they took home behind her -- Chinese take-out boxes from PF Changs (which they gave me for free)with a Ninjago picture on the front and a few yummy snacks within.

Took this picture of the birthday crew after they all completed their ninja training (sword fighting on the wii, 'don't touch the ground' with balloons and chopsticks, poison ball on the tramp and an obstacle course in the backyard)...can you guess whose nap time it is? :)
What Ninjago party would be complete without Ninjago lego? Thanks Valentine cousins!
 And just a few days later he started kindergarten!  He has adjusted to school really well and loves it.
Look how big that backpack is on his little body, I love it.

Here's a conversation we had just last night:

Me: Finn, I think you're super cute.  And not in a baby way, in a 'girls are gonna have crushes on you cuz you're so handsome and kind' kind of way.
Finn: yeah, I knew what you meant...and I already know a girl at school that does think that actually.
Me: Really, who?
Finn: Heidi (accompanied with a classic Finn shrug/eye-roll combo)
Me: How do you know? Does she giggle a lot and try to chase you on the playground?
Finn: No, she just likes to be around me.

Look at this little guy, turning into such a little man.  We just love him.


Katie said...

Oh my goodness!!! I can't believe you have a kindergarten-er. Amazing. I agree with your analysis . . . he's going to have girls crushing for sure. What a little cutie!

Katy Burch said...

What a fun idea for a party! Looks like everyone had a blast.

Mama H said...

Can you believe I just saw this post? I loved the pictures - and now that Finn is in First Grade already - Time flies!

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