Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gals + Glitter = Good Times!

My sister Megan's husband is out of town on business this week...which means it was time for another ladies night. My sister Andrea and sister-in-law Lesli joined me at Meg's last night for a little Dr. Pepper and yes, "Glitter." Megan was determined to watch this movie. She says she was just really curious about the movie that single-handedly ended Mariah's career. The funny thing is, this movie is so bad that NO Blockbuster's carry it. After she called the 4th store, the employee said, "yeah, if you really want to get that movie, you're going to have to get it from Blockbuster Online" so she did!
Here are just a few issues this movie had:
1. It is set in the 80's. Any movie that is set in the 80's needs to be making fun of it, (ie. Wedding Singer) because I can't take any actress seriously who is wearing leg warmers, a side ponytail and a checkered cap with a flipped up brim.
2.Mariah has approximately 2 lines in the whole movie. It became apparent that they gave her as little lines as possible so you wouldn't be able to tell what a crappy actress she is...yeah, that didn't really work out.
3.Terrible cinematography/editing. Every once in a while, there were crazy camera angles that didn't make sense, a series of scenes that were in fast-forward (literally) and some that were in slow motion. Oh, and let's not forget the poofs of sparkly glitter that were occasionally used as transitions between scenes.
I could go on, but just know that we had a great time making fun of pretty much every aspect of this movie. Next on the list? That Ben Affleck/J-Lo movie "Gigli"...should be a treat!


Kathleen said...

Hi Ashley! Thanks for the tutorial on leaving comments on your blog - I haven't checked it out since the first time, and had lots of fun reading about the glitter party, tom's birthday, and your crying baby/sleeping baby saga. Just like a visit! I love the pictures, and the video of Finn in the jolly jumper. Just like a visit from you! Have a great day! Love, Mom

Meghan said...

Ash! Reading that made me so excited to see you on Saturday because your stories CRACK ME UP!

Tiffany Johnson said...

Hey girl! So, I saw your blog link on Dan and Ashleys! How are you? I run into Aaron sometimes and he keeps commenting on coming by sometime to see us, but sadly, we haven't had the privelege of meeting your little guy yet! You should come by! We miss having you guys around more often! And we even live in the same city and never see eachother! What's been goin on??? How have you been? Did Aaron tell you that we have number 2 on the way? Crazy!

Marce said...

dude, thanks for the tip on glitter. mike almost convinced me into renting it the other glad he didn't.

Linda Kyle said...

Hahahhahahhaa, me and my friends rented that when it first came out and were dying watching it! I'm glad you got to enjoy the experience too.

Marce said...

Hey, I know i've already commented on this post..BUT! I didn't know that the people you lived with were Nate and Tiffany Johnson! That rocks. I love them.

Also, I was hoping you'd be able to send me your address for a baby shower coming up?? That'd be awesome. Hope all is well for you and your cute trio!

ec said...

i heard a little something this morning from my it true?

are you really coming?