Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rock Band Party

My brother Tom turned the big 2-9 yesterday. To celebrate, my family got together at Megan's house for pizza and Rock Band! If you haven't had the pleasure of playing Rock Band yet, you're seriously missing out. Aaron and I own Guitar Hero, but Rock Band is so much more fun because you play with 4 people at a time. Someone's on bass, guitar, drums and vocals. I have to admit I felt pretty cool playing lead guitar on 'Say it Aint So' by Weezer. Aaaah, how great that I can pretend instead of spending years perfecting actual musical talent :) Aaron got SO excited when it was his turn to sing and 'Black Hole Sun' by Sound Garden came up...it's funny to see him get so giddy while making all his rock star dreams come true. We'll have to borrow the game from Meg soon so we can put on a little rock concert of our own. Happy Birthday Tom!
Tom with his yummy ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.
Left to Right: Brody, Emilie, Dustin, Finn and Aaron waiting for some cake

Neil on bass, Dustin on lead guitar, Chris on drums and Tom on vocals for "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi. Tom LOVES this song and got 100% on vocals! It's so fun to watch them all get so into their performance.
Aaron on lead guitar making his best punk rocker face.


The Prigmore Family said...

Ron, you have come a long way from BUTA.

P.S. Please tell me you have xbox live!?


Marce said...

oooo Rockband! that sounds like a blast- Mike is currently addicted to Guitar Hero III on the wii. whenever i'm like, "so what do you want to do tonight?" he responds, "guitar hero??"

so fun to be connected, blog style! man your little baby boy is SO freaking cute. i mean, he was cute when i saw him in person- but he's just gotten so BIG! it's crazy. how's being a mom? you adjusted? i'm sure every day brings something new. i can't wait to join the ranks of motherhood! (sigh) anyway, so fun to hear from you. i look forward to many more fun blogs! all my love.

ec said...

oh, the harker crew....been awhile since i've seen y'all together.

everyone looks good!

hAppy bday tom!