Friday, February 1, 2008

Sleeping Saga

So, turns out, some babies sleep through the night their first night home from the hospital...wouldn't that be nice!
Despite my best efforts to follow "Baby Wise", Finn still wakes up a few times a night. I had a goal that he would be sleeping through the night by the time he is 6 months old...and since that's in a week (and I am about to jump off a cliff) Aaron and I decided it was time to let him 'cry it out.'
Day 1: Finn woke up at 2 AM and cried for an hour and a half. I forced myself to stay in bed the whole time and it was really hard. When I finally went down to check on him, he was sound asleep, had kicked off all his blankets and turned his body a complete 180 degrees! But he only woke up that one time and was his smiley self again once morning rolled around.

Day 2: Finn woke up twice but only cried for 5-10 minutes both times! Hooray! I was completely elated -- having him 'cry it out' actually worked!

Day 3: Ahhh, I was such a fool to think it was all over. This night he woke up at 1:30 AM and cried off and on for 3 hours! He would fall asleep for 10-20 minutes, and then start crying again. I eventually went into his room at 4 am to find him happily kicking and smiling -- cute in retrospect but horribly annoying at the time. The victory was his when I succombed to rocking him to win some you lose some.

Day 4: Finn woke up around 2:30 AM and cried for about an hour. Every 20 minutes I went into his room, tucked him in and told him I loved him. This helped each time for a few minutes, and then after the third attempt he stayed asleep until 7 AM.

Day 5: Finn woke up one time at about 11 PM but only cried for 10 minutes...then stayed asleep until 7 AM! Success!!

Tonight will be Day 6. Wish me luck. I'm pretty sure that even if he wakes up a time or two, he is at least a lot closer than he was before to sleeping the entire night through...and that makes me feel pretty great since I was getting really sick of living in Sleep-Deprivation-Ville. Sweet Dreams Finn!


Dan & Ashley said...

Dear Sleepless in Provo,

I know - it can be so hard. Cal only sleeps 12 hours every night. Every time when I put him in bed at 7:30 pm and he just rolls over and falls asleep until 7:30 the next morning I just don't know what to do. Oh well, we'll get through it somehow.

Have a great night.


Anonymous said...

Typical Dan Prigmore comment...


Dan & Ashley said...

BTW (This is Ashley commenting now) I told Dan NOT to put that comment cuz it was mean and heartless and he decided to do it anyway!!! Meanie!!! Our baby definitely doesn't sleep perfectly! Anyhow, I just wanted to apologize for my mean husband. :)

zane and lexi said...

well, I will sympathize with's nice to know there are other sleepless moms/dads/babies out there! HELP! we need your secrets

The Prigmore Family said...

Hang in there Ashley! After Luke stopped puking across the room (1 year old) we decided that we had been sleep deprived enough. We did the "baby whisperer by Tracy Hogg" After 2 weeks of it he slept like a champ. As long as he has ALL 17 animals in his crib, 5 blankets, a sippy cup, and like 20 binkies. I'm so glad we haven't taught him to use a crutch to sleep. haaaahaaa. You do what you can right?

PS Funny comment Aaron. Dan will laugh and then say something about how you are a homo.

The Prigmore Family said...

I may have to sue you for plagiarism, Ron. But that WAS funny...homo.


The Prigmore Family said...

We fought the "cry it out" thing for a long time. I was convinced he would hate us and it breaks my heart to hear him cry. The other day he woke up too early so we left him in his crib and just went back to sleep. When we went in to his room in the morning he had not only thrown everything out of his crib, he took off his pants (which he doesn't even know how to do) and threw them out too! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see that fit!