Sunday, June 29, 2008

To Swim or Not to Swim?

So...Finn hates the pool. One needs only to view the cringing look on his face in the above picture to figure this out. He loves the bath, but hates the pool (or 'ool' as Aaron likes to call it...I won't explain why.) I took Finn to a waterpark a couple weeks ago and all he did was cry. He sat on my lap down a waterslide and just made nervous noises with a wince on his face the whole way down. On Thursday, I took him to a pool in a friend's backyard. He still wasn't very thrilled but after a while he got used to it and seemed to tolerate opposed to his cousin Gemma who couldn't get enough:

I'm hoping that it's just going to take Finn a few times to get used to the idea, and then he'll love it just as much as Gemma. I don't know how I'll survive a Utah summer if Finn won't let me take a refreshing dip once in a while.


JoSue said...

Um that is an adorable swimsuit! I can only see the top but still, adorable. First, I don't blame Finn. Pool water is ALWAYS cold. It usually takes me a good half hour to get all the way in. Second, his rash is so sad. I'm sorry you had to miss your trip. I'm glad he's feeling better. A happy baby is a happy mama right? Third, I don't think pig races are the same as horse races. I could be wrong. :) Hope your summer is going well!

The Prigmore Family said...

Hey, where's the p?

Ron, you rule.

Jobi Niu said...

YOur swim suit is so cute Ash! His face he's pullin in the pool.. ha ha! I wish Bryton was afraid of the pool.. he'll jump off the diving board if he could I HATE it! I gotta watch him EVERY second! Jett is a little afraid at first..