Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We Caught the Reading Bug

At the beginning of June, Provo City Library had it's Summer Reading Program Kick-off...and that means a free t-shirt for Finn! The shirts are so cute...they are bright orange and have a little bug on them that is reading a book and the caption says "Catch the Reading Bug". Aaron and I met Megan and her kids at the library, got our t-shirts and some books, then walked down to J-Dawgs for a yummy lunch.

Here we are (minus me because I'm taking the picture) eating those delicious hot dogs in the shade...such a beautiful Summer day!

In other news, Finn turned 10 months old on Sunday. He now pulls himself up on anything and everything...which is making my life a little more difficult. I've got a lot of baby proofing to do! Every once in a while he crawls like normal and Aaron and I get excited, but then he reverts right back to slithering along on his belly. His newest noises are short, bursting screams (accompanied by a big smile) and 'sshhh'. He also LOVES being upside-down and has a knack for getting his pants off...still not quite sure how he accomplishes this. Happy 10-month mark Finn!


Emily Parks said...

I can't beleive he's 10 months already. It's crazy how fast time goes by. Anyway, glad you guys are doing well. Let us know when you will be in town next. It would be nice to see you guys. Hugs.

jenny barton said...

those babies & their screaming! wade loves to do it too... now i'm just expecting it to happen in the middle of church! finn is such a cutie!

Meghan said...

Your blog looks great, and Finn is the cutest! I want to meet this cute little screamer in person!